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should I get a .22

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thats like saying looking at a female in public is warm up for committing rape...
For some people it is. And there are certainly women who absolutely freak out if you look at them. I've seen that happen before. I glanced at a nice looking girl once. I was sitting outside at a fast food place with my bicycle beside me. She saw me looking at her - I wasn't staring either - and she came out like her hair was on fire screaming at me for staring at her. I just smiled and sort of laughed because I'm a very happily married man with a deep Christian conviction in my life. I would never have said a word to that woman much less raped her but she went nuts anyway. She walked on down the street screaming the whole way because I kept looking at her. I was looking because she was a kook - not because I wanted to rape her.

The world is made up of all kinds. It isn't the person that already has their mind made up that concerns me. It's the person sitting on the fence. Somewhere in this nightmare thread I said that but apparently what I actually say doesn't matter anyway. I'm a gun grabber to hear most of the people here tell it. Never mind that I own a whole bunch of guns and shoot pretty much every day.

Let's put it this way. If you're looking at a woman in public with a pair of stockings on your head then yeah people are going to think you might be a rapist. There's more to this story than just looking at a woman. Everyone does that. Not everyone has a pair of hose on their head. It's a matter of degree how much you look like a rapist or how much you look like a mass killer. People are paranoid friend. There have been a lot of shootings. Logic doesn't appeal to those people. Only imagery does. That stinks but it's true. And if your aunt comes to your house and happens to see what appears to be a cross between an AR and a Hasbro on your bed she's going to wonder about you. But of course it isn't your aunt I'm worried about. It's that bunch of people that come to this board looking for things to make us look bad. It's the same ones that got toy guns banned in schools. And grown men going ga ga over a half way battle carbine is just the sort of thing that gives them the stuff they need to paint us as kooks. It's no different than them pointing to people who want a $300 "sniper rifle". It's common for gun owners to recognize that's a bad thing. It should be the same for the part gun, part toy .22 AR's.
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You realize so called assault rifles are used in like 2% of firearm related crimes and that the .22 has probably taken more lives than any other caliber. This entire conversation sounds like someone trying to reason with an Obama supporter....pointless.
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Originally Posted by Jeff56 View Post
I'm sorry you can't comprehend the obvious friend. They create the impression that people that own them are kooks. You want it straight. There it is. It's just like the person who wants to buy a cheap sniper rifle. I've seen lots of those posts. I've seen lots of moderators close those threads because it makes people look like kooks. In the case of sniper rifles it looks like someone who gets on top of a building and shoots at random students on a campus. In the case of AR's it's people who take battle carbines and shoot up a school or a theater. If you don't know that's happening you aren't paying attention.
i comprehend just fine! i was hoping you were just misinformed and need enlightenment. but i truly see now that's just not the case at all. if you are so worried about what others impressions are, maybe you need to sell all your firearms and join a knitting group! BTW, most of the liberal anti-gunners already think we're kooks and bloodthirsty killers anyways! they think a father teaching his young child to shoot is a "killer in training".

BTW, what's a cheap "sniper rifle"? that's a very curious description of a rifle, i have yet to hear! please elaborate and clarify this for me. truly i am curious.

yes i know about current events with deranged individuals with guns who slaughter innocent people. i would have to have my head buried under sand not to know, but i don't think penalizing an innanimate object is the answer, like you seem to want to do, but rather penalize and prosecute the person who commits the horrible act is the answer. i'm sorry but your views to me seem just very liberal. and by others comments, they seem to agree.
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Jeff56...I think it's great how you speak your mind but I award you...

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I'm sorry I have to point this out. Jeff has said two things that worry me 1) deep christian conviction and 2) shooting almost every day and has guns. To me that might be a start of a crazy person or worse.
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We are so far off topic. Time for this thread to go nite-nite.

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