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rifleman55 02-12-2011 01:42 AM

Shot The Savage Model 19 Today, Targets
Well I went out and shot today. It was in the 20's and it was so cold, the cartridges had to be pried out of the chamber, it was a real pain. It warmed up into the 30's and the gun started extracting.
The shooting bench had snow higher than the seat, so I had to clear the snow off and was shooting with my legs streight out under the table. Add about a 15 mph cross wind and it was a really lousy day to shoot, but no way was I not going to shoot this gun. About the worst shooting conditions I've ever shot in except for high wind. It was the cold and snow that made it so hard. Ammo does not like to be shot when it's in the low 20s.

For all the cold, snow and wind, it did pretty good.
After shooting I took it into the shop and lapped the bore with at least 10 more patches with JB Bore Shine on them, the patches came out black, I still have not got to good steel, there's still fouling in the bore.
I spent 2 hours last night cleaning the bore with regular JB and JB Bore Shine, it was pretty badly fouled.

One neat thing about the bolt in this gun is that it has 2 firing pins, one at the top of the cartridge, one at the bottom. Wish they would still make them like that, it's bound to help the accuracy.

This rifle was made in the first year of production.

Anyway, I sitting here posting with a wet butt from sitting in the snow, here's the pics.
I was more than pleased and think there is still better accuracy to be had. I was shooting Wolf MT. All shots were 5 shot groups @ 50 yards.

John K

dnthmn2004 02-12-2011 01:53 AM

Very nice shooting sir. I love seeing old gems still grouping like that! Your going to have to give an update when you get the barrel in the butter zone.

rifleman55 02-12-2011 03:16 AM

The barrel is close to being as good as possible on the inside. I'm sure a new crown would help also, but this rifle has a serial # just over 4000, it's a rare one in the condition it's in, so I'm making no mods that would hurt the value.

The conditions I was shooting in today were pretty bad, once it warms up some, I'll shoot it again for hopefully better groups. Wolf ammo is not at it's best when it's 22 degrees out, me either.
I'm just happy it's shooting in the .3"'s, I will try for .2"'s. I think I can get there, but until I try, I won't know.
The groups are great for a rifle about 100 years old.

Thanks, John K

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