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SoL 08-13-2009 02:51 AM

Ruger barrel length question, yes or no.

I've got the ATI Dragunov stock on my 10/22

I was hoping to to thread it for an affixed supressor because those plastic slip over ones seem to have a tendency to explode, and they cost near $100 here (NZ) for no reason.

So I was wanting to chop the barrel down so that the suppressor would screw in flush against the foreend of the stock, which leaves a barrel length on 10.5 inches, though with the supressor on it would basically be about the same as original, there's no legality issues here with that, I just want to keep it as compact as possible as its my driving carbine when we go out spotlighting.


ps the length right now is 17 inches, so it's losing 7.

SoL 08-13-2009 03:33 AM

this will of course be running nothing but subs, magtech and CCI generally.
So I'm assuming that will reduce 'powder burn time'.

KingTiger 08-13-2009 01:00 PM

I've heard that any barrel length over 11" for .22 LR isn't going to affect velocity, that most rounds have burned their powder by then. With subsonics, I would think it would be even more so.

Both of my 10/22's have 16" threaded barrels since I didn't feel like paying the $200 tax for SBR'ing them, but I'm a big fan of shorter barrels. They cycle CCI & Winchester subsonics fine with a suppressor. Try some CCI segmented subsonic HP's, they have the same specs as the subsonic HP's (1050 fps) but are pre-cut into 3 segments & are also copper washed. They're deadly on critters.

SoL 08-13-2009 02:33 PM

im in new zealand and we just have to have a certain overall length.

but thats all i needed to hear, consider it done

cpttango30 08-14-2009 10:01 PM

You can also get a barrel with a built in suppressor I believe. That would make it nice and easy pesy lemon squeeze.

SoL 08-15-2009 11:56 AM

hey yo tango

yes, in the theory. however.

1) I'd have to ream **** out to accommodate the .9 diameter barrel.
2) it costs and arseload more than the $40 it'll cost me to cut and thread, i already have the suppressor :P

all good though :)

SoL 08-15-2009 01:45 PM

I'm quite fond of those CCI Stingers.

My first ever kill was with one of those, it proved spectacular.

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