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cavalry06 12-24-2011 12:44 AM

Ruger 77/22
I'm getting a ruger 77/22 magnum tomorrow and need a reliable all weather stock for hunting cheap any suggestoins

Triumphman 12-24-2011 11:30 AM

I have a 77/22 "all weather" stainless and it has a laminated stock. Are you saying your new rifle is wooden stocked also and you want to change it to the synthetic stock just to hunt with it? If so, you might want to rethink that, because wooden stocked guns have been around for over 500 years and with the right care will last more than a lifetime. Wooden stocked rifles also don't have the flexing associated with synthetic stocks. You still need to take apart gun anyway to clean/wipe/oil it down to prevent metal rusting if you have been hunting in a wet enviroment to protect your investment, and that will be for any gun. Newer, wooden stocked guns have a protective clear coating on them just for this reason. Only reason there's synthetic stocked guns nowadays is because it's easier and cheaper to mold a plastic part than having the proper wood carving tools to properly make a wooden stock or the CNC machines necessary to cut out a stock from a piece of blank wood. Synthetic stocks also allow more of the recoil to come through due to their lightness, whereas a wooden stocked rifle will absorb some of that recoil to help tame it down, especially in higher caliber rifles. You can get synthetic stock for the 77/22 from Ebay or get some nice laminate stocks in your color choice, that needs to be final finished from Boyd's Gunstocks. I also have a Boyd's gunstock for my 77/22 when I built it up into an ultimate custom 77/17HMR. My 77/22 has replaceable stainless Green Mountain bull barrels for when my mood changes and I want a custom target rifle instead of a hunting rifle. Will your rifle have the screw-in barrel or a V-block barrel?

cavalry06 12-24-2011 09:45 PM

Thanks for that information I did not know any of this that was helpful.but I also want it for the customazation of a synthetic stock. I am getting already getting a harris bipod do you know a of good scope

Triumphman 12-25-2011 02:16 PM


Originally Posted by cavalry06 (Post 659182)
Thanks for that information I did not know any of this that was helpful.but I also want it for the customazation of a synthetic stock. I am getting already getting a harris bipod do you know a of good scope

I don't know what you mean by customization of synthetic stock? Ruger only had one type synthetic stock for the 77/22, and it was called a "boat paddle" stock, due to looks. You might find another synthetic type stock from the makers of Bell & Carlson(they make most synthetic stocks for gun manufacturers)and they sell many different configured stocks, or another stock maker. As to rifle's customization when I change from stock Hunting rifle to a Target model, I have Green Mountain Stainless barrels for my rifle. One is a 22MAG and other is a 17HMR Bull. Trigger assembly was changed to a Jard 1-1/2# assembly, Harris Bi-pod, Boyd's Coral(?)laminate Target stock with oversize forearm w/1" Decelerator pad. As to scope I went with a BSA Contender 8-32x40 silver scope. I know a cheap scope on a high dollar buildup, but scope has performed very good, but if I get another scope, I would choose a Weaver T24 or T36 scope. There are many other top quality scopes out there, like Sightron, Burris, Redfield(not made with A/O at this time), Leupold, Bushnell Elites, Leatherman, Zeiss, IOR and others. As to good, lower costs scopes(sales, discounts, limited supply), there's Bushnell Trophy and discontinued 3200/4200 Elite models, Simmons Aetec and 44MAG, Weaver, Mueller, Center Point, and many others. Then you have your very low cost scopes like Center Point, Leapers, BSA, Bushnell, and others. I've included some scopes that transition between cheap and expensive due to having many different made scopes in many price catagories, and it depends on what you want to pay. Just go to SWFA's Website and look over specifications to compare what they have, compared to other scopes. Whatever scope you do choose, I would suggest you get one with Adjustable Objective(focus close or far) OR a scope with a Side Focus, which does same thing as A/O, but won't require taller scope rings as the front bell will not have the A/O focusing ring. Without A/O, you have to rely on a scope's factory parallax setting for whatever range you what to shoot at---either parallaxed for up to 50yds or one at 100yds or scope parallaxed for 150yds. It will make a difference when shooting targets closer or farther of factory set focusing. It'll be like taking a Rimfire scope(parallaxed for 50yds) and shooting it on a Centerfire rifle at 200yds or visa-versa. Not good for accuracy or eyes.

clr8ter 12-26-2011 03:39 PM

Ohhh, too bad I didn't read this sooner. I have a Ruger All-Weather SS 22 LR W/synthetic stock I'm looking to sell. Nice gun, but I have mixed emotions about the stock. It's really well-made, looks nice, act, but there's nothing like a nice looking walnut stock. I have this particular one more for a SHTF type of thing, so SS & Synthetic is the way to go.....

hardluk1 12-26-2011 04:08 PM

cavalary06 You may want to buy a bi or tripod from PRIMOS, They have there shooting sticks, rather than a bolt on bi-pod that limits use in the field. The shooting sticks offer easier control over hight and adjustablity that you just don't have with bolt on pods.

Your stock is fine I have used a laminated stock for 15 years in rain and snow with no issues. Just use it. You cover when you can but they do get wet.

This is a hunting rifle right??? Get this scope and go hunting Center Point 4-16x40mm Scope -

Cost is low and they work well. My wife has has used one on her ruger for several years with no issues.

Get yourself a roll of camo tape to cover your barrel and add to other metal parts to break up the shine. Comes right off with no residual.

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