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hq357 03-30-2013 01:24 PM

Ruger 10/22 takedown problem help?
Okay so i took my ruger 10/22 TD Shooting it ran like a champ it disassembles just like regular 10/22 i was trying to get to the bolt to clean the insides but i could NOT get the pins out they are to thick i tried pushing them hammering and even lubed to get those pins out i tried with All my might and they will not come out i might take it to a gunsmith does anyone know what i can do??

hmh 03-30-2013 02:33 PM

Had a similar problem, used a brass punch and a hammer. They are alot tighter than normal 10/22 and my bolt was tighter also. If all the clearance are tighter, more accurate?

hq357 03-30-2013 09:51 PM

I don't know what the problem is i do not want too mar or scratch the receiver i tried to use a punch but it just would not work is there something else i can do?

hmh 03-30-2013 09:53 PM

Brass punch

hq357 03-30-2013 09:55 PM

Does brass scratch or gouge? Ive never done anything like this and im scared to smack my gun up

hmh 03-30-2013 10:24 PM

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Brass will not harm it. Have it positioned sturdy and give it a good wack not quite as hard as driving a nail. Do worry it is covered by the stock.

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