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RemFire 11-21-2012 06:08 PM

Ruger 10/22 6" barrel suppressor/ mod?
Now, I'm in Britain where our legal issues differ so this is just a technical question really. Maybe someone with an SBR 10/22 could give me their thoughts please?. If anyone has one?.

I only use this rifle from the truck for shooting bunnies up to about 50-60yards. How would a 6" barrel perform accuracy wise do you think please?. I know this is not generally a factor in accuracy, but, will it make inconsistent rim-fire ammo harder to group well?. Will it magnify the inconsistency issues?. I've seen vertical stringing issues with ported/fully suppressed barrel designs, maybe I could look back to those rifles for guidance.

My gunsmith will need to fix the suppressor to the barrel though to keep it over 12" which is out legal limit. He has already cut it to 12" and re-threaded it for me. But this idea should work well as the 'can' strips from the front leaving the one-piece baffle stack on the barrel for easy cleaning and access to the muzzle. The ammunition ideally needs to leave the barrel at subsonic velocity to. Should standard velocity HV 40grain ammo remain subsonic from a 6" barrel?.

The gun does not function to well with subsonic ammo, what I hope is that by switching to standard velocity ammo with the short barrel, I should get the extra pressure surge to cycle the action but keep the velocity down by shortening the barrel. So this is one reason aside from just having a super compact & suppressed 10/22.

I may also ask about having the bolts weight reduced slightly.

What do you think please people?. Thanks in advance.

orangello 11-21-2012 06:29 PM

Have you tried one of their 10-22 "charger" models?

example, non-OEM:

on that same page they have some threaded 10" barrels:

RemFire 11-21-2012 06:46 PM

Interesting thanks.

Nope, this is Britain where only criminals get to own handguns.

orangello 11-21-2012 07:03 PM

I think this shows some reviews by buyers, might speak to accuracy.

Maybe you could just use one of the 10" threaded barrels instead of your factory barrel. Good luck & happy plinking!
That place writes reviews well.

SSGN_Doc 11-21-2012 08:22 PM

A friend had a 10/22 custom SBR that was called a pocket rifle. It had a Choate folding stock and a 10" barrel and was threaded for a supressor. It was very accurate witha red dot sight.

The only real inherent accuracy issue you would have resulting from a shorter barrel would be if you were using iron sights, which would result in a shorter sight radius. As long as it has a good drade bore, and well dimensioned chamber and good crown a the muzzle a shorter barrel is actually more rigid, and therefore a bit more repeatable in consistency. The only other loss is in velocity.

The next biggest contributor to overall accuracy that I found with a 10/22 was finding a load that it really liked. I tried about 18 different loads in my stock 10/22 and kept targets and records and found the top 5 loads for that rifle. My duaghter's 10/22 has slightly different preferences. So, keep in mind that each rifle and barrel will have it's preferences.

Sounds like you have a good project ahead of you.


truckerlittlejohnii 11-23-2012 02:32 PM

Yes 6" rimfire semi auto should remain subsonic with any type ammunition. That should suit your needs or intended purpose well. High and even the fastest Hyper velocity ammo will cycle more reliably in the 10/22 and in a 6" to 7" barrel will remain subsonic. 5.5" suppressed/moderated short barrel rifles or pistols built on rifle action have become popular here.

A fixed power telescope sight (not variable zoom) should give greater accuracy as well). I prefer 4x32 or 6x42 with the 30mm main tube.

RemFire 11-23-2012 10:27 PM

Thanks guys. That information is good to know. Regarding sights I have a nice little Hawke Panorma EV 3-9x40 with a 25mm tube and sunshade on it at the moment, but its sort of overkill so I was thinking of trying a Burris FF3 reflex sight. This would make an ultra compact and light weight little short to medium range rabbit gun.

Here it is at the moment with a 12.5" barrel plus 1" thread and crown protector. I have a 'Sky' blue Boyds SS Evolution stock but I'm thinking of swapping it for the more original wood and grey laminate 'pepper' version. Either way the stock will need milling out a little by the gunsmith.

I was going to have a muzzle mounted SAK suppressor fitted but I'm rethinking, I may go for a larger overbarrel suppressor. But with the latter, to keep the whole unit just over 12" (our legal minimum), the barrel would be a touch longer, probably 8". Would this risk powering standard velocity to much do you think please?. I'm guessing not as Remington Thunderbolt (standard velocity) is sometimes only just above and mostly just below the speed of sound from the 12.5" barrel. Thanks

RemFire 11-23-2012 10:37 PM

This is the DM80 unit I am thinking about, it slips over the barrel by about 1/3rd its overall length and would protrude forward of the muzzle slightly less than the SAK muzzle mounted can. Which would mean a slightly longer barrel than with the SAK, to keep the finished "barrel" length legal.

This guy compares the DM80 beside the SAK to give you an idea what I mean,

We're spoilt for choice in Britain, there is loads to look at, and they are not that expensive either (the SAK is about 30).

RemFire 11-23-2012 10:47 PM

Whoops I just noticed that I put 'mod' in the title, being short for moderator which is what we call them in Britain.

c3shooter 11-24-2012 12:01 AM

Did a slight edit of the title for you.

Old gunsmith maxim- "Work on the cheapest part first." Rather than fiddle with lightening the bolt, get a lighter set of action springs for the rifle. .22 LR tends to max out velocity at 12-16" of barrel. Below that, pretty sure that standard velocity will run right at subsonic.

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