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Duke 04-08-2007 01:51 AM

Rimfire Recommendations
I am looking for suggestions on which rimfire manufacture and model I should buy.

I like to squireel and gopher hunt but my hand me down 1950's .22 is not accurate at all.

UncleWho 04-11-2007 10:07 PM

Have you figured out why your 1950's .22 is not accurate? It would be a waste of your money to buy a newer gun without knowing for sure what is wrong with the old one. There may be some simple and low-cost things you can do to improve your current gun.

Is it a bolt-action, lever action, or what?

Uncle Who

rickwillis 04-11-2007 10:37 PM

What brand and model is your old .22?

Declaration Day 04-12-2007 11:53 PM

I've had a Savage Mark 2 bolt action for about seven years now. I have about 20,000 rounds through it and it's deadly accurate. Beautiful rifle too.

ScotZ 04-14-2007 01:28 AM


Originally Posted by Duke (Post 2)
I am looking for suggestions on which rimfire manufacture and model I should buy.

I like to squireel and gopher hunt but my hand me down 1950's .22 is not accurate at all.

Unless you are using 22 cal birdshot. 22's are not that great to hunt squirrels with. They will travel a GREAT distance in the air if you miss. (it happens:) )

Just not a safe practice unless you are way out in the sticks and then you still never know. I used to hunt squirrel with an Ithaca single shot 410.

Good luck in what ever you decide

jpattersonnh 04-15-2007 02:50 PM

You may have severe leading in your barrel. A good foaming cleaner may do wonders for your accuracy. I have an old JC Higgens .22lr (1950's) that my dad bought used in 1970. The accuracy was always pretty good, but after using a foaming cleaner it became exceptional. Lots of folks use to shoot them and just put them in the closet when they were done. The build-up of Lead and powder fouling can, and probably is built up in layers. A .22lr is a great small game load out to 50-70 yards max. Your problem may also be the ammo you are using. Rifles can be finicky that way. I would suggest a good cleaning including the bolt, and buy a box of say 5 brands/types of ammo and see what happens! If you need instructions on breaking down the rifle for cleaning PM me or Numrich has lots of materiel on their site. Good luck, Jim

lionslayer 04-17-2007 01:19 AM

ScotZ's concern for safety is commendable, but his advice to use .22 birdshot for squirrel hunting is worth what you paid for it. .22 "snakeshot" loads are not effective on squirrels or any other critter more robust than a butterfly, not even on snakes, except maybe at muzzle contact range. The tiny shot pellets carry no energy beyond powder burn range, and are inhumane as well as ineffective. Your .22 squirrel load should be a solid or hollow point bullet, and should be fired by a weapon/shooter combination of sufficient accuracy to consistently make meat-saving head shots to the range of the tallest trees in your hunting habitat. (You're responsible for every projectile launched, and people do miss on occassion, so if you can't tell the real or imaginary guy next to you where your bullet is going to end up, hit or miss, you shouldn't pull the trigger.) This is probably somewhere in the range of a 2" group at 50 yards, easily achievable by most modern scope-sighted .22 rifles in reasonably capable hands (generally, you'll have handy trees available to use as rests...). You can hardly go wrong with a Ruger 10/22 --- reasonably accurate out of the box, awful triggers easily improved by any village black/gunsmith, and boatloads of cool aftermarket accessories available to gussy them up!

dtroyb 04-17-2007 08:31 PM

I agree with lionslayer, rat-shot, snake-shot or what ever you want to call it is not for hunting. It is for close range pest control. It's great for shooting rats in the barn.
My father and I always hunted squirrel with a .410 and a .22LR. The rule I use for firing the .22 is don't shoot at sky. I always make sure I have the tree or ground or some other backstop for the bullet. Even the best of us miss and occassionally you get a through shot.
If you don't have the patience for this I would say you are in the wrong sport. Squirrel hunting requires the patience of Job.
Of course there are those who just go around shooting the nests with shot guns. That's not hunting though and those guys surely roast in heck along with the deer spotlighter shooters and the guys who shoot ducks sitting on the water.

coxhw 04-24-2007 12:50 AM

Get your self a Ruger 10/22. With that little gun you can build any type of rifle you want. Mine has a .920 Lilja barrel, volsquartin trigger, Richards Microfit Stock,and a Bushnell 3x9. The stock took a little time to finish out but it's one beautiful stock. The little gun will consistently shoot 1" or smaller @ a hundred yards on a bench. Brownells, MidSouth, or any one of the good mail order places have the parts you'll need. Besides when you make your own gun it's like owning a Harley. If you get my drift:D

BrassMonkey 04-24-2007 11:24 AM

If your looking for a bolt action I cast my vote for CZ . They are very accurate right out of the box, well made, and priced right. 10/22s are fun little plinkers, but to get the level of accuracy out of one a CZ will give you requires a lot of modifications and money. I have nothing against the 10/22 and own one myself. Its just that they can become a real money pit if your not careful.

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