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spinecracker 03-19-2011 11:14 PM

Remington Model 12 .22 rifle questions
A friend of mine dropped off a Remington Model 12 .22 rifle for me to clean up for him. The rifle has an octagonal 24" barrel but no target sights, and the rifle is chambered for .22 short, .22 long and .22 long rifle. The serial number is 715***, so I believe it was made in 1927/1928. It is in quite good condition with 85%+ bluing left and no major dings or any cracking of the woodwork. The 24" octagonal barrel would indicate that the rifle isn't the 12A model, but there are no markings antwhere (I did look everywhere) that would point at any of the other variations (12B, 12C, etc). Any ideas of would I should be looking for?

Another question - the rifle is having some difficulty with extraction (not ejection) of spent rounds. It does look like there are some scrape marks on the casings that might indicate a burr. Do I just need to polish the chamber, or are there other options? The rifle has plenty of rifling left.

30-30remchester 03-19-2011 11:33 PM

I am a fan of these model guns, they are a great design. First off please tell your friend to refrain from any notion of reblueing, refinishing or altering this timeless classic in any way. Far too many have been ruined for life by well meaning ham handed amatuer gunsmiths. Ok enough of my ranting, you have a model 12C. The 12A was a short barreled "kid sized" gun. IIRC the 12B was chamber in 22 short only but dont bet any money on that. The 12C was as you described but with sights. The 12CS was chambered for the 22 WRF aka 22 Rem Special. If you inspect the scratched casing you might find that it has only one long scratch. If this is the case the culprit MAY be dry firing the gun. When this is done to a rimfire it peens the "anvil" part of the barrel and leaves a burr at the mouth of the chamber. Brownells has a tool for @ $25 that will repair the burred chamber if you can get proper acsess to the chamber end of the barrel. It has been too many years since I completely disassembled a model 12 to remember if acsess is available. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.

spinecracker 03-20-2011 12:57 AM

Thanks for the great advice. I will check out the tool ASAP. I think you are right about the dry firing. I have already warned my friend regarding rebluing, refinishing or altering the rifle. All I have done to the rifle is strip it down, carefully inspect and clean the action, relube and reassemble. It has a very smooth action. I am used to working on Lee Enfields, so this has been quite a learning experience for me.

c3shooter 03-20-2011 04:09 AM

Between 1921 and 1972, Remingtons can be dated by the barrel code. 2 or 3 letters stamped on LEFT side of barrel may a half inch forward of receiver- you may need a good light and a magnifier. Link to interpeting: Remington Dates of Manufacture

Ref: dry fire burr- good advice given. DO NOT just remove the burr- you need that metal put back where it came from. Brownells ironing tool is good. However, I am a shade tree hobbyist, and never bought one. I have used a Stanley nailset, along with a small fat tipped punch to do the deed. gently and carefully.

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