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northhike 12-24-2010 03:54 AM

New savage 93 for Xmas
My bride bought me a new Savage 93RT with an accu-trigger to add to my tingled collection for Xmas. I had my eye on a Marlin 917, but the accu-trigger is awesome. Not a fan of the walnut stock...but thinking I could get a nicer stock at some point.

7point62 12-24-2010 12:40 PM

Nice rifle. Precise shooter.

c3shooter 12-24-2010 01:30 PM

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And the obligatory response...........

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spittinfire 12-24-2010 01:36 PM

A lot of 22 mags showing up here lately.....what was that thread about it being a dying round?

This thread demands pictures or Santa is taking his Savage back.

CA357 12-24-2010 03:41 PM

Congrats. Pics or it didn't happen. ;)

sharpshooter95 12-24-2010 05:05 PM

im also a fan of savage. pictures please!!!!

lonyaeger 12-24-2010 05:12 PM

I LOVE wood stocks. You need to think about it!

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