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Dennis845 08-17-2011 11:50 PM

New Plinker
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Bought a nice little Browning T-bolt .22 the other day. Bought it to shoot at an Appleseed event next month. As luck would have it, I was at Wally World today to buy a brick of .22's for this event. I should have kept my lousy mouth closed and not asked the counter person to look at that Ruger 10/22, no not that one, the one next to it with the synthetic stock and SS barrel, for $239.00, yea that one! Darn, I like that one better than the Browning I just purchased. Well, I'll take care of that minor problem, but the wife is over in the sewing department. Now to figure how that little beauty can make it to my safe without prying eyes spying it :rolleyes:

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CA357 08-18-2011 12:10 AM

What? This rifle? Honey, I've had this one for years. ;)

JonM 08-18-2011 01:21 AM


Originally Posted by CA357 (Post 565174)
What? This rifle? Honey, I've had this one for years. ;)

LOL ive actually used that one!!!

Gloves 08-18-2011 05:51 AM

Dennis that one looks great. I think a .22 with a wood stock is nicer than synthetic. IMO

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