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Lee_J 01-21-2013 07:26 PM

My old .22
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I thought somebody would enjoy seeing this and maybe get a few opinions on some things I should do to it. This is a Mossberg & Sons model 151M. I don't know too awful much about it other than that. My dad has had this gun for as long as I can remember but it was always rusted up. From what my dad told me he got it from a family member who set it in a shed for a long time and kind of forgot about it. I finally decided about a year or so ago to fix it up and make it shoot. I worked for a few hours cleaning and making it ready to shoot and it is now one of my favorite guns to shoot and is very accurate.

So what do you guys think about it?

orangello 01-21-2013 07:32 PM

That's a lot of wood; i like it.

c3shooter 01-21-2013 07:54 PM

What should you do with it? Clean/ restore- and nothing more. There are a bunch of us that are Mossbergaholics that collect the older 22s. I have 2 of the Daddies to your rifle- Mossberg 51Ms. The M suffix is for Mannlicher- the style of stock you see there.

Mossberg had the motto "more gun for your money"- and they meant it. I have a few of the 151Ks- LOOONG barrels, slender auto sporters- and you can roll a beer can around at 100 yds. Have a couple of the 44US bolt action target guns- with some match ammo, will do 5 shots in a single ragged hole at 50 yds. Have an older 152 that has some of the prettiest grained walnut you could ask for!

If you ever decide to part with that, will make you an offer on it. If you need takedown instructions, go here:

Lee_J 01-21-2013 08:17 PM

Thanks for the replies and info!
I wasn't sure whether or not I should restore it as a few friends of mine told me to leave it the way it was. The take down instructions should be useful and I plan to take it apart in a few minutes and give everything a good cleaning. All the moving parts work well and smoothly (I spent a lot of time making that happen). As for the wood, what do you think I should do to it? I've never really restored anything before. Also, do you have any ideas on how old it might be? I've not had much luck on finding info about it but I may just be looking in the wrong places.

c3shooter 01-21-2013 10:41 PM

1947-1958. There is sometimes a lower case letter in parentheses after the 151M - Like 151M(b)- can narrow it down some.


Then scroll down to the 151M entry. And look at some of the photos on the way- you'll see why we collect those.

As far as the wood- avoid sanding except in extreme (was attacked by woodpeckers) case. 0000 steel wool and an oil finish for most. If the old finish is cracked, flaking, get some Formby's Refinisher (not stripper- be careful, flammable as hell) follow directions, then finish with satin Tung oil.

Before that HORRIBLE boating accident I had 51Ms, 151Ks, 142s, 152s, 146B(b)s, 44 USs and a few others from the 300 series.

Lee_J 01-21-2013 11:35 PM

Thanks for the help! I'll try to restore when I get the opportunity to. Between me and my dad we have a few Mossbergs. I think we have one other 22 and a 12 guage break barrel. We may have some more but I'm not 100% lol. The wood on this is still in good condition, no cracks or anything. I don't plan on selling it because I like this gun quite a bit, but just out of curiosity, what do you think it may be worth?

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