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Most accurate factory .22LR?

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If you're dead serious about .22 LR accuracy, only a quality bolt action will do. When Olympic shooters are using 10-22 based rifles, get back to me. Until then, serious accuracy starts with a bolt action. Of the bolt action .22 world, the Anschutz 54 action is the standard by which all others are judged. But they are not for the thin of wallet. The Anschutz 64 based rifles are a bit cheaper, but still north of $1k. Sporter versions of rifles based on both actions are out there. Not only are they accurate as hell, they are quite easy on the eyes as well. A thorough hunt of the used market should turn something up. A 54 Sporter is on my bucket list.
Other options?
Winchester 52 based rifles. Brilliant rifles, in their day they were second to none, both in accuracy and finish quality. However, they have been out of production for many years. They have a strong collector market and some really high prices. Come to think of it, Anschutz might be cheaper.
Kimber rifles, yeah Kimber makes rifles. Nice ones too. The Kimber 82 was an outstanding design that never really took off. However, there are some target versions available through CMP last I looked. I have a 30 year old Kimber 82 classic, it will shoot well under an inch at 100 yds with a good batch of Green Tag & calm conditions. It was a great silhouette rifle in it's day. Again, a search of the used market may be worth your while.
CZ - They have a selection of really nice, accurate rifles as well. Certainly worth investigating.
Savage MK II series. Not overly familiar with them, but might be worth a look. What little I've heard, they are pretty good, especially considering the price.
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I have an Anshutz that I've been very pleased with for years. I don't like the iron sights but with a scope it shoots MUCH better than I do
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Overkill is right. If you want the utmost in rimfire accuracy a bolt action is the place to look. Anshutz is one of the gold standards for Olympic level competition rifles. CZ does indeed make some very accurate .22 rifles as well. Remington had their target master and score master .22 rifles. The Winchester 52 is highly regarded.

Next question with rifles like these is, how much accuracy is the shooter capable of? Many .22 bolt guns are mechanically more accurate than their shooter. Having the most accurate rifle does give confidence and something to strive for as a shooter and does take away some of the variables the shooter may deal with. It gives a shooter room to grow with fewer limitations.

In rimfire guns, ammo is also a very large component in accuracy. Rim thickness, consistency of billet and powder charge weight can effect accuracy a lot. The rim thickness portion and variations are one of the bigger limiting factors in accuracy potential in blowback, semi-auto .22s.
It can take some serious investigating to find a load your rifle really likes. I have a 10/22 that I fed over 40 different brands and loadings to and found a few that were capable of sub 1/4" groups at 25yds. (That is a stock 10/22 sporter barrel. But in the high end some ammo would have flyers that kept groups from getting any tighter than 1/2 or even 3/4 of an inch. So ammo can make a difference by two to three times your rifles potential. My JC Higgins (Marlin made for Sears) bolt action was much more consistent with all of the loads, but still showed a preference for some if the high end match rounds.
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i have to agree with Overkill and Doc. bolt action 22's are deadly accurate when used with good ammo. finding the perfect ammo is about testing ammo out until you find something that works.

i have to also agree with their suggestions of rifles to look for. with a budget of $1000 for a rimfire 22 rifle, well you should be able to find a very nice and accurate one and top it off with a high quality scope.
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Another vote for a bolt action .22.

I have a Marlin XT22, with the tubular magazine. It will shoot 22LR, longs and shorts.

Capacity is: 25S, 19L, 17LR

It is the most accurate .22 rifle that I own.

Most accurate factory .22LR? - .22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion
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marlin 60 out of the box imo. cheap and accurate imo. but i also agree a bolt action is likely going to be the most accurate.

i love the other features of my 10/22, and imo it is very accurate. but i think the marlin 60 i shot slightly edges it in out of the box accuracy. i got the 10/22 because i like the other features of the 10//22 much more then the marlin 60.
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I have a Ruger 77/22 that I am very happy with.
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Your biggest variable in accuracy, besides you, is going to be the ammunition, not the rifle. In other words, a 10/22 with match grade ammo will outshoot an Annie with cheap bulk.

That said, the most accurate out of the box 22lr, without any work, for $1k? Possibly a used Anschutz? I've never shot one.

The CZs and the Savage MkIIs shoot about the same, but the CZs are are finished better and feel nicer, except maybe for their trigger. People seem to get work done on CZ triggers.

The 10/22s can be made as accurate as the others with work, which you can do with all the money you have left over. For $1k you could probably find one for sale that's had work already done.

I've shot a CZ, MkII and 10/22. I bought a MkII & a 10/22 TD. I thought the MkII gave me the biggest accuracy bang for the buck OOB. Though the Takedown sure is fun and very easy to grab and go.

I never shot any other 22s. The Marlin tube feed can take a mix of 22s. You can shoot whatever 22 shows up on the shelf.
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The real key to accuracy is practice. I see shooters every day who tried to purchase experience. They seem to believe buying the most expensive "Toys" will make them a winner. You can buy very expensive rifles but experience is not for sale.
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Dont know what your exctly expecting or wanting for accuracy, but when I can consistently hit 3/4" peel and stick dots at 50 yards, using Eley or Wolf match ammo, I dont really know what more I could want from a .22 Rifle.
My 10-22Ruger stainless bull barrel and a few Volquatsen parts added and a cheap scope, about $550 invested.

Most accurate factory .22LR? - .22 Rifle/Rimfire Discussion

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