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lucznik 11-03-2013 06:23 AM

Most accurate factory .22LR?
I'm wanting a new .22LR rifle. I don't want to do an elaborate build project and I probably can't afford a highly customized gun either. I do want a very accurate rifle. I have no preference for auto or bolt action, I just want a really accurate .22.

My dad has an old Weatherby that is phenomenally accurate and I'd love to just get one of those but, they haven't been made in years. So, there's little hope for me there.

So, what, really are my options? Who currently makes the most accurate, off-the-shelf .22LR? For the sake of this discussion, let's set a absolute price limit of, say... $1000 - though less is always better (lots better ;-) ).

chris42w 11-03-2013 06:59 AM

I own a remington 597, and am super happy with it. It is very accurate right out of the box without a scope. Also, can't go wrong with a ruger 1022

DeltaF 11-03-2013 07:13 AM

Ruger 10-22.
Been Driving tacks for generations.

DrumJunkie 11-03-2013 07:16 AM

Best out the box 22 for me has been a 10-22 Ruger. Anything I can bust peppermints at 70 yds with iron sights using bulk ammo is more than accurate to me.

DrFootball 11-03-2013 07:22 AM

Ruger 10/22 in it's various versions. If that is too Rich for the Blood, we got a Mossberg 702 for $149 Brand new, and I gave the 10/22 to the Mz., because the folding retractable stock was better for her. The Mossy shoots good groups,..better then I expected for a 22 that costs $150...I'm in the Process of "Tacticool-ing" the 702 with a Sling(Vickers), optic(TruGlo Prismatic Red/Green dot 2x42 Multi Reticle) and 25 Rd Mags($29.95 ea. @ CDNN). I decided against a Traditional Scope for the 702, as I had one and took it off the Ruger (4x15 for Rimfires). Good luck. we shoot 5-700 22LR per Month,..with 2-3 Shoots per Month...

John_Deer 11-03-2013 07:48 AM

If you like iron sights the marlin 60 might suit you better. The iron sights on the 10/22 aren't that hot. If you are going to mount a scope on your 22LR the 10/22 wins hands down.

I just noticed that you are also interested in a bolt action. Savage makes some great 22LR bolt action rifles. The tube magazine savages shoot both 22 short and 22 LR. The savages are tack driving accurate. They are more accurate than any semi auto, but the difference isn't very much. At 40 yards off a bench I can hit a 25 foot airgun target every time with a 10/22. The savage will cut one ragged hole in the quarter size target.

If you can live with just being able to hit a quarter every time at 40 yards the semi auto is a lot of fun. If you need to be able to hit a dime every time at 40 yards you need a savage bolt action.

hq357 11-03-2013 07:49 AM

Ruger 10/22 takedown i love mine.

hairbear1 11-03-2013 09:38 AM

BRNO .22. very accurate straight out of the box a good rifle for noobies to learn on and it'll probably outlast you and go on to the grand kids.
Top it off with a nice 4x or 6x 'scope and you can bust rabbits and foxes out to 100yds.

Works for me big time.

mtmagwhenindout 11-03-2013 11:33 AM

I have a ruger 10/22 and love mine but I got to be honest I hated the trigger that came on it the good news is you can do just about anything you want to it as far as customizing goes fairly cheap

Mercator 11-03-2013 11:52 AM

Most common 22s are mechanically so accurate, you could have asked backwards, which one is not. For practical accuracy, it is the individual fit, built quality, and the ammo.

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