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NitroxAZ 03-17-2011 01:25 AM

Mossberg & Sons Model 151M-B
I have a Mossberg & Sons Model 151M-Bthat was my grandfathers. I have always had trouble with it jamming. I think it may have something to do with the fact that it is fed through the stock. Does anybody have any suggestions on why it jams. Does the spring in the tube that runs through the stock need to be replaced? Is it a feed ramp issue? I would rather fix it myself if it will be easy rather than take it to a gunsmith. Especially if not much can bedone and it is the nature of that model.

c3shooter 03-17-2011 01:44 AM

Double feed, fail to feed, fail to extract, or fail to eject?

The spring in the tube in the stock is the inner magazine tube. It is highly likely that there is nothing wrong with the spring, but that the guts of the rifle are filthy. I have a few Mossbergs (Heh heh heh) including 51Ms and 151Ks that use the same action as yours. When the bolt comes back, it trips a little wire clip that allows the inner mag to SPROIT one catridge straight into the chamber. However, the buildup of carbon and the waxy lube from 22 ammo can gunk it all up. All of mine were fairly cruddy when I got them.

I would begin buy pulling the action (take pictures as you go) strip it, clean it GOOD, light lube, then pull the inner and outer mag tubes, clean those on the inside (gunscrubber spray, rod them out) pay attention to how that little wire clip and the U shaped catridge release are fitted before you remove them. Be sure to scrub the chamber area properly.

PS- Is NOT the nature of the model. All of mine will empty a mag as fast as you can twitch a finger.

NitroxAZ 03-17-2011 02:14 AM

Thanks. I have had this for a long time and just refinished the stock. It has always done this, so I have not shot it much over the years. I was not as into firearms as I am now so I didn't want to mess with it. I will take your advice and see if I can clean it up.

Thanks again.

dog2000tj 03-16-2013 08:08 PM

how about an update ... it's only been 2yrs! :rolleyes:

sdm1002 03-17-2013 04:13 PM

I haven't been in here for a while... but I'll add my 2 worth. I used to have a 151M(b), and was constantly jamming on me. While out plinking one time a buddy that shooting with me handed me a handful of Winchester Super-X. No more jams. For me anyway, the cheapo bulk brick junk simply doesn't cycle the Mossbergs like it should. And something you might check is the chamber for fouling. The next time you clean it take more than a few extra strokes in the chamber with your bronze brush. Something as simple as the cartridge hanging up upon ejection can have an effect on things as well.

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