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12bhunting 11-27-2010 09:42 PM

Model 81 marlin bolt action
From what I can tell the rifle was built in 1960. So far it is a nice shooting 22. Does anyone have more info or is the date correct? Thanks

big shrek 11-28-2010 12:01 AM

Marlin 81, there are the 81, 81C, 81DL, & 81E versions
Made from 1937-1970
First two numbers in the serial -25 equal the date of MFR.

Pillar bed it, do a trigger job if needed, mate the ammo to it (find the rifle's favored ammo)
and you'll be able to outshoot most CZ's.

Try Wolf Match, Eley Standard Velo, & CCI Standard Velo for better than average results.

c3shooter 11-28-2010 12:37 AM

As Shrek said, they have been making these for years- couple of different variations in bolts, extractors, trigger guards, stocks, etc. They are good hunting grade rifles. Now go buy yourself an old Mossberg 146 or a 44US, and find out about real accuracy!

big shrek 11-28-2010 11:36 AM

Nah, find an old Marlin 880SQ or a model 2000 Olympic...heavy barrels :)

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