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sksmaniac 08-20-2011 05:10 PM

marlin model 15 yn
I bought my son a marlin model 15 yn bolt action last christmas. my so and i also enjoy customizing rifles. so, I was wondering if anyone knows where i can find an after market tactical type stock for this particular rifle. Any information would be appreciated.

dunerunner 08-20-2011 05:22 PM

Did a quick search online and came up empty. Why not build him an AR for this year?

big shrek 08-20-2011 10:14 PM

Bolt-action Marlins...Tactical stock...Only ONE...Boyd's Tacticool stock.
Replacement Stocks for TactiCool Marlin 917

The listing is for the 917/800/800 series, but Marlin bolt action rifles made after the 1970's share the same action until the new XT series came out,
(and I'm not too uncertain that the XT series has the same action, just with a new trigger assembly).
The stocks are also made for Heavy Barrel 917's & whatnot, so a 15YN will automatically end up being free-floated.
Also...if it is a ONE-stock/action screw version, you will be required to add a second screw.
Sometimes there is a pre-drilled/tapped hole...sometimes You have to D/T it...depends on the year model.

Bear in mind that ALL of the Boyd's stocks are 98% inletted & require final fitting...and preferrably bedding or pillar bedding.
Most of the time they bolt right in...but as always, they benefit from personal attention ;)

There are also Boyd's Evolution & Ross Thumbhole stocks available...
However, they would require that you cut back the shoulderstock yourself...

sksmaniac 08-21-2011 01:16 PM

hey, I really appreciat the info. I,m not real familiar with the marlins so any info you can provide helps a lot. My son is ten and I think he will love the stocks you pointed out.

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