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Jdrawdy 02-10-2009 05:01 PM

Marlin 25MN
Just wanted to know if anyone here new where i might could find a bull barrel to fit this gun

stalkingbear 02-10-2009 08:29 PM

To my knowledge, the barrel is pinned in and requires the services of your local competent gunsmith. It would be FAR better to simply trade up or buy another .22 magnum bolt rifle.

big shrek 02-11-2009 01:47 AM

I'll agree with Stalkingbear. For the cost of making all the mods needed to mount a bull barrel to a 25MN, you could simply buy a Marlin 982-VS-CF, which comes with one & the new T-900 trigger system and you can use the same magazines :)

I've been looking at 'em for a few months..and drooling..there's one here at Gunbroker for $269.95 at auction MARLIN 982 22WMR SS HEAVY BARREL, NIB, LOW BUY NOW : Bolt Action at

Only thing holding me back is that I'm spending every last dime on Hi-capacity pistols & magazines until Pelosi & Obama ban 'em. :( Getcher Hi-Capacity's Now, boys!!

Jdrawdy 02-12-2009 05:14 PM

I am trying to make this gun as accurate as i can without buying another. I have re-worked the trigger and got it to about 3.5 to 4 and have free-floated the barrel. I was wandering about bedding the action but was told today that it doesn't need to be done. The man at one of the local gunshops said that after bedding the action, you would strip the dovetail out of the barrel when you tighten it back down. Is this right? If it is are there anymore things i can do to help improve the accuracy of this gun?

stalkingbear 02-12-2009 06:37 PM

That's BS about stripping the dovetail on it. It would greatly enhance accuracy to peen the dovetail slightly in order to keep the action screw base from sliding from side to side. the action screw base/dovetail MAY (and probably is) be loose from side to side but is almost impossible to strip out using a smedion of common sense. You can tell if the dovetail is loose if the shots are spreading horizontally. Go ahead and glass bed receiver afterward. You'll be pleasantly surprised to learn your rifle is more accurate than you ever thought.

After peening the dovetail and bedding, your next area is ammo experimentation. Use different loadings and bullet weights as there's a world of difference between them in regards to your particular rifle. Also mount a good scope.

big shrek 03-07-2009 11:13 PM

Here's the super headache about switching out a Marlin Barrel for a heavy target barrel (bull barrel)...they're pressed in.

After you remove the barrel pin, the barrel just doesn't fall least, it's not supposed has to be removed with force, but careful force. If you don't do it right, you'll risk damaging the action.

Then the new barrel has to be pressed in...and if you don't use the proper equipment and don't do it just right...again, you could damage the action.

You used to be able to send a rifle to Marlin and have this operation done by them with an actual Marlin Heavy Target Barrel...but I don't know if they still do it. Call their customer service line and find out :)

But honestly, I'd just grab a Marlin 982-VS for about $249 and save the 25MN for my kid or wife :)

big shrek 03-07-2009 11:28 PM

With the Marlin 25MN, you don't usually need to do much.

Nice, ain't it?

Added a sling. Locking in increases accuracy.
Center Point 4-16x40 scope...I like to hit critters in the noggin.
Rock Mount Bipod...self explainatory.
Stoned the trigger slightly, breaks at 2.9 pounds.
Pillar bedded the action.

Shoots ragged hole groups at 25 & 50, and at 75 if I'm having a good day, cloverleafs up to 125, and all in the bullseye at 150.

What more do you NEED????

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