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azurevirus 04-09-2010 10:57 PM

info needed
The 22 rifle bug has bitten me bad..just picked up a Mossberg Itn'l 720 Plinster..that totals 5 22's this month..anyway what I would like to know if for a 22wmr is called for in a rifle ..can I use an CCI Maxi-MAG HP?..exactly what is the difference?..the maxi mag doesnt have the lead tip is about the only difference I can see...Thanks

c3shooter 04-10-2010 12:07 AM

22 lr is a different cartridge from a 22 WRF (Winchester rimfire) or the 22 WRM (Winchester Rimfire Magnum) WRF and WRM are a larger diameter cartridge case and a larger diameter bullet. So called "mini-mags" or "maxi-mags" are a brand name- they are still 22 LR. The WRF is sort of a "22 Mag Short" and CAN be fired from a 22 Mag. 22 LR cannot- the case will split, and the bullet sorta wobbles down the barrel. 22 WMR will not chamber in a 22 LR firearm.

Now, if THAT did not confuse ya- there are a few.22 Revolvers that have 2 different cylinders- and by swapping cylinders, can shoot either one. Have a Colt Peacemaker Single Action like that. But those are the only ones hat swap. Capish?

azurevirus 04-10-2010 04:59 AM

Thanks for the reply C3..I understand about the revolvers and swapping the cyls so one can shoot lr to wrm..I just ordered myself a Heritage RR which has that set up..I guess what I was asking is..can a Marlin rifle I just recently bought which says on barrel " use 22 win mag only" can use just that ammo or can it also use the CCI Maxi-mag also?..since both are "22 Magnum" ammo...Im new to the small calibers and diff types of ammo avail for them and it does have me confused at this point..I also ordered a Henry L/A along with the revolver to have that western setup..I guess my question is what is the diff between WMR AND ICC MAXI-MAGS..if any..can either be used in a gun that requires magnum rounds..I realize there is a difference between the 17 hmr and the 22WMR and cant use the 17HRM..reason I ask is Winchester 22 mags are scarce around here

stalkingbear 04-10-2010 01:34 PM

Maxi-mags are .22 magnum and can safely be fired in any .22 magnum firearm. Mini mags are .22LR and can only be fired from a .22LR firearm. Does that help?

c3shooter 04-11-2010 03:16 AM

Bear got it. The formal name of the cartridge is .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire- no matter WHO makes it- just as the formal name for .38 Special is Smith & Wesson Military & Police .38 Special- no matter who makes it. Your ammo does not need to be made by Winchester- the caliber was INVENTED by Winchester- and that gets naming rights ( like Colt did for the .45 ACP)

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