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I Don't Even Know What To Say To This "Hunter"...

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Originally Posted by nfafan View Post
Yeah, agree that blatently baiting an animal to a kill isn't exactly sportsmanship.
I do not bait when I hunt but I do hunt near natural feeding areas. Find a
nice groove of white oaks and wait for the deer to come in. Hunting squirrels
and rabbits along corn fields. How much different is that to hunting over
placed bait? I argue intent but it is an ongoing debate. How about using
decoys for duck or goose hunting? Many states allow baiting, Wisconsin
allow 2 gallons of bait during deer hunting.

Originally Posted by paul View Post
Why are those "people" baiting squirrels and killing them when they aren't going to eat them?
I watched the whole video, never heard that they were not going to eat
them, did I miss something?

Originally Posted by JTJ View Post
I am not siding with the shooter but do any of you have any idea what squirrels can do to an orchard? A lot of orchard owners will allow squirrel hunters in because of how much fruit they eat and other damage they cause.
Whitetails too, and they love apples...

Originally Posted by spittinfire View Post
The biggest issue I have with this guy is his lack of shooting abilty to make a clean kill. This guy needs to spend some time at range.
Alot of animals (including humans) twitch and hop after being shot. The
first shot was a complete miss and that last shot was not an instant kill,
that squirrel crawlled off, we do not know how far. All the rest were kill
shots. I have shot a rabbit before, taken his head clean off. Darned thing
still ran 40 yards before loosing enough blood that is stopped. The
sympathic nervous systen is an amazing thing.

Just another point of view.

One last comment, and I do not think this is the case, but if some family
were having issues affording food and they were providing meat for the
table. I have no issues at all with baiting.

BTW, I shoot to kill and not eat coyotes and opossum. Coyotes because
we have way to many of them and they are hurting the desired game species.
Opossum because they carry a parasite in their feces that will kill horses,
we have horses.
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Default I'm no bunny hugger, but

Every animal deserves a clean kill ! Occasionally one is wounded and should be quickly dispatched to prevent their suffering...

But before commenting further concerning hunting squirrels with a .22 or whatever, and admitting that what meat I eat, store bought is preferred,
don't care for venison, geese, & ducks....I don't eat Rodents !
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Unlike the last poster I do eat all of the above. I love the taste of venison and squirrel and I feel better knowing that I am the one who cleaned and processed the animal and not some dirty slaughter house (though I still eat lots of beef too). My issue with this video is that the guy clearly built a table and put food out on it, then sat in a blind and picked off squirrels as they came in to feed. I have squirrel hunted by way of hiking through the woods with a .22 or .410 in my hands and tried to find the animals... To me, hunting is providing your quarry a fair opportunity to discover you are there and escape to safety. What I see in this video is almost like picking through a grocery store. Squirrels from a blind? With the food setup at the end of a clearcut shooting alley? This isn't hunting, but in my somewhat conservative mind it should be some form of poaching..
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I couldn't finish the video. I don't even really know what to say to that guy..
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I don't like this at all, why would you sit there and kill all those squirrel unless your going to eat them ya it's a little bit of work to clean them all but you can make some pretty good damn stew from squirrel. I don't know about other people but at 40yrds I have a 1 inch group in a kneeling position you can easily fit a table into a small blind so in my opinion he should have getting head shots if that was the case he wouldn't have gotten the squirrel trying to pull him self away happening.

I think this guy is just wasting precious resources and should have his ass kicked
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Originally Posted by Shade View Post

Alot of animals (including humans) twitch and hop after being shot. The
first shot was a complete miss and that last shot was not an instant kill,
that squirrel crawlled off, we do not know how far. All the rest were kill
shots. I have shot a rabbit before, taken his head clean off. Darned thing
still ran 40 yards before loosing enough blood that is stopped. The
sympathic nervous systen is an amazing thing.

You are correct and being a hunter myself I have seen this first hand. However, watching an animal drag its limp back half several feet before going off screen because of a poor shot is not is a wounded animal fighting for its life.

Shot made at 0:33 = good clean kill.

Shot made at 4:13 = poor shot, animal crawls and struggles to breathe until around the 4:50 mark.

Shot made at 6:09 = very poor, the animal gets up and drags itself off screen.

The first shot I mention shows twitching, the second two aren't even close.
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I have no problem hunting animals to eat or to get rid of if they are distuctive. I probably wouldn't bait them though and I definitely wouldn't film it. I did see a few that were probably just twitching but several others were clearly still alive that he should have shot again to put them out of their pain.

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I shoot tree rats too. I do not eat them, but the other wildlife will clean them up. Squirrels serve two purposes to the ecosystem. Planting acorns and being food for other wildlife. I do agree that seasons and bag limits should be observed. And he needs to sight his rifle in on paper not squirrels. A 40 yard shot with a scope is a cake walk.
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Where did this "not going to eat them" stuff come from? It's not on the video. Are we assuming now? And I hate to tell you this but people bait game animals all the time. I've never seen it done with a squirrel but if I was hungry enough believe me I would do it. I have baited traps for squirrels before. Was that evil too? BTW has anyone here heard of a freezer? You shoot your limit and you freeze what you can't eat that day. We used to do that all the time.

Did the guy break any laws? I don't know. Maybe. If I was hungry enough I'd probably break a few laws myself. My only problem with him is his inability to make a head shot at a mere 40 yards. He's gut shooting those squirrels which is why you see them flopping all over. I haven't gut shot a squirrel in 35 years and that was the last time I hunted with a shotgun because a friend took me when I was 300 miles from home and he didn't have a .22. You shoot them in the head and they drop dead in their tracks. If you can't do that at 40 yards don't shoot that far.

But it sounds to me like a lot of people just don't have the sensibilities of your typical hunter. Yes you are killing things. Yes you should only do that for food or to control a menace or possibly you can kill one squirrel to train a dog to hunt. Just one. But we have no clue what that guy is going to do with those squirrels. My guess is he's going to eat them. I don't know anyone that just shoots squirrels for fun and I know a LOT of hunters. To assume that's what this guy is doing is just too much. Did you go to his YouTube video page and ask him what he did with those squirrels? You can usually post comments there. Guess what. I actually went to the page. Turns out HE DID KILL THEM TO EAT THEM! Read it yourself.

Again he should learn to take head shots. He should not be baiting squirrels. But if he did it for food I can't find a lot of fault with that. In case you haven't noticed a lot of people are having hard times right now. He clearly talks about how, "...because of me my family eats great." He is feeding not just himself but a family. BTW it takes several squirrels to feed a family. I know. I don't agree with his tactics. I think he needs to learn to shoot better and to learn how to properly kill a squirrel. But sometimes you do the best you can with what you've got. My uncle lived with my mother and her 3 sisters and my grandmother after grandpa left them back in the 1950's. That was a terrible thing to do because there was no child support in those days. My grandmother would give my uncle TWO .22 cartridges and tell him to bring home something to eat. I'll bet if you were in that shape you'd think about baiting squirrels too. Unless you have walked in his shoes you don't know this man. Yes he is a poor shooter and a bad hunter. But he put dinner on the table that day. Maybe he didn't have anyone to teach him the right ways. So how about trying to help him instead of going behind his back (here) and slamming him? Go to that page and tell him how it should be done. Blast him to his face if you must. But keep in mind that you might end up in the same boat some day. Can you kill squirrels with head shots at 40 yards? I can and farther than that too.

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As long as baiting is legal, i have no problem with hunting over bait, naturally-occuring or otherwise. If it isn't legal, then that is his risk to take for very little reward. As to head shots, i would agree that they should be the goal, but i have missed a few in my day too (though i didn't post them up on youtube).

I just wish the guy would get sponsored to do a similar film on brown bears with a .50 caliber rifle.
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