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young gun 09-13-2009 03:00 AM

How much should this 10/22 sell for?
My father and i have been thinking about selling my 10/22 because i cant really hunt with it and we cant get out to the range much with our schedules. It has the ruger bull barrel, od green hogue stock, and a tasco scope. We love the gun and its really accurate but its so heavy that when were out hunting i cant hold it steady enough standing to get a good shot and when we shoot in the desert for practice i dont have a bench or anything to shoot off of so i dont hit much. It seems like all its good for is shooting off the bench at the range but we bought it to hunt with as well as plink. So i thought that maybe we should sell it, buy a normal 10/22 and keep the extra money for spare clips or something. But i also thought maybe it would just be better to buy a new regular barrel and stock so its like a normal 10/22. The gun has no scratches, all the blueing is fine, we've only shot about 1000 rounds through it, i've taken it apart and cleaned it after everytime we've taken it out of the house even if it wasn't used. I guess all in all im asking for what its worth now and which you think is the best choice.


Glock17TJ 09-13-2009 07:20 AM

If I were you I would just buy me an extra barrel. Keep your 10/22 !!! You can buy a carbon or an Aluminum Barrel with a steel sleeve in it and it will be lighter than what you have now. I bought a barrel off ebay years ago for like 40 bucks...It was the factory barrel and I still have it.

If you got to sell it, I wold ask at least 300 bucks for it. I bought mine at a pawn shop for 350 or 400.00 bucks. It was stainless with hammer forged SS barrel and it was in excellent shape.

If you decide to keep it, look at carry all kinds of Barrels for the 10/22..If you go with a carbon or Aluminum Barrel they will cost you a few hundred bucks, but you can use your stock you have and not have to buy another one. You can sell your barrel and make a few bucks off it to buy you a new one...I hope this helps...I did a lot of research on 10/22's..Mine too is heavy to carry around and shoot, but I don't mind. I kind of got used to it and I can shoot turtles on logs at 50yrds free hand with no rest...

cpttango30 09-13-2009 01:57 PM

modified? I wouldn't offered more than a new one myself.

But why sell it. Buy a 20" tapered barrel for it an swap it out.

Ram Rod 09-13-2009 02:40 PM

I take it that you have the Target model 10/22? Wood stock? Might check into the Butler Creek carbon fiber barrel that weighs almost nothing. If you want the whole rifle to weigh almost nothing, get the Hogue overmolded stock and Butler Creek carbon fiber barrel combo. Can't really hunt with your 10/22? Me and my wife are taking ours out next week to squirrel hunt. The 10/22 Target models really weren't intended as bench rifles...they are more geared toward competition such as silhouette which I've done for several years. In the field, I use the same techniques as silhouette, but I can use a sling while hunting. Shorten that barrel to a 16 inch, and get a wood thumbhole stock, then go back to your basics of bone structure and support with a sling, and a heavier rifle is actually better to steady than a lighter one even in a light breeze. Get on target and take the shot, and you won't have to maintain the position very long. Just my 2

stalkingbear 09-13-2009 03:15 PM

You can get a barrel like the previous poster suggested for 175-200$. If it shoots that good, just put your rifle "on a diet". It will still shoot just as good as with the bull barrel. How old are you? Body type/build? If you sell it now, you'll regret it later.

young gun 09-13-2009 07:03 PM


Originally Posted by stalkingbear (Post 159021)
You can get a barrel like the previous poster suggested for 175-200$. If it shoots that good, just put your rifle "on a diet". It will still shoot just as good as with the bull barrel. How old are you? Body type/build? If you sell it now, you'll regret it later.

Im 15 years old. Im 6'1 and weigh 155 pounds. I play J.V. outside linebacker if that helps give you an idea of build and strength. I have the hogue OverMolded stock. I think its the barrel thats making the gun feel so heavy and difficult to hunt with though. Last weekend i went rabbit hunting and it took me 3 shots before i actually hit the rabbit at 50 yards with it but when i shoot our little bolt action savage (which is much lighter) i can hold it on a rabbit at 50 yards no probem. Like i said i think its the weight of the gun that makes it so difficult for me to hold it steady but i guess it could be other things like my stance or breathing. What is the advantage of a carbon fiber barrel? Also, how much would my barrrel be worth if i were to sell it for money towards a new barrel? Right in front of the reciever on the top of the barrel is "ruger hammer forged" which i would think would be good for the value?

Gojubrian 09-14-2009 03:29 AM

You could get more for the bull barrel than fot a 'hunting' barrel. Check out some auction sites and compare prices.

You wouldn't have a hard time getting $250 or more for the rifle as is.

Glock17TJ 09-16-2009 06:13 AM

Young Gun...

I am 5'11 and 220lbs..I used to powerlift a few years ago, I am still strong and I can hold a 10/22 with a bull barrel pretty still. It just takes practice and over time you will get better. I can't sit here and tell you I don't get tired of holding the gun while hunting because I do. The main muscles you will use for holding a heavy gun up is your shoulder muscles. Work on those muscles and it will help you hold the gun still. Like the other guys said a Hammer Forged barrel will get you 200.00 at least if you sell it. If I were you I would hold on to it and get you a carbon barrel if you can afford it. The pros of having a carbon barrel is the weight. The steel barrel will weigh..I am guessing here..3-4lbs...a carbon barrel will weigh 1lb. Look the post on Lucky shots and I have a pic of my 10/22 on there..Get you a Hogue stock and a carbon barrel and the whole gun will not be over a few lbs..It will be easy to hold...shooting is practice and the more you do it the better you get..Just like you playing Football...I hope this helps..

Jeep4x4s 09-21-2009 12:00 AM

LOOKING for Ruger 10/22 $CASH$
If you still interestead in selling the 10/22 and still have it I'm interestead, E-Mail me at JJ. I'm trying to get a hold of one ASAP!!!!

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