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tigerbeetle 03-24-2013 03:33 PM

High Standard Sport King w/Tournament barrel
I know, it looks stupid. But here is the deal. It is a 1975 Hamden produced model with the typical 4.5 inch barrel. I bought it in an estate sale back in November or so, and it came with 3 (not original) magazines and a 6 inch Tournament Model barrel as well. I purchased three more magazines from Brownell's and another site recommended by a RFC friend. None of these magazines would function with all the tweaking and measuring, etc.

But the magazines, all six of them function nearly perfectly when the Tournament barrel is in place. The sport king barrel must seat about 0.001 inches lower in the frame, because all the magazines feed the round high into the top of the chamber and of course, malfucntion.

I have rounded up another front sight for the tournament barrel and filed it down and reduced it's width to shoot with the windage adjustable rear sight.

What I really need is either an adjustable rear sight which will fit the Sport King's rear dove tail, or a taller fixed rear sight that I can use with the tournament barrel front sight that came on the barrel.

And, lastly, is it worth the trouble to find out why the sport king barrel sits too low, or just sell it after I get the tournament barrel set up. I really like the tournament barrel on the range, and the original barrel is useless until I find out how to remedy the "feed high" problem.

Thanks for reading and any advice offered.

tigerbeetle 10-07-2014 05:31 PM

I have put a red dot on the Tourny barrel, so the SK is one of my favorite range guns.

I still have been unable to get the SK barrel to feed reliably. Does anybody know a smithy in the Atlanta Metro area that is knowledgeable of the High Standards? High Standard in Texas is a waste of time, and from a lot of the reports I have seen, don't know how or care about servicing the older HS.s.


DrFootball 10-07-2014 09:08 PM

They are great guns when they are running right. I know little about them myself, but you might PM BOBSKI, who doesn't just know Shotguns. I did have a similar issue changing barrels on a Friends' Ruger Mk1, which we wound up sending to the factory, for them to put on a new barrel. To Bad they are of no help to you in TX....

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dragonfly 10-25-2014 03:55 PM

I have managed to get several of my magazines to feed pretty good now. A couple only like five rounds at a time, so if I ever shoot bullseye, i will have some for that activity. The reflex I put on is a green dot and I have found after I got it, I do not like a green dot for indoor shooting. It seems to be more effective in the outdoors - natural light.
Here is a pic with the sight mounted on the Tourny barrel.[/URL]

25-5 10-25-2014 04:53 PM

I have a Victor. My smith was able to fix the problem. He mentioned that there are a couple of the old smiths at High Standard. It might be worth the call.

spif 12-06-2014 02:43 AM

You can measure the barrel dia. It's also pretty easy to measure the distance from the bottom of the barrel to the bore.

tigerbeetle 12-06-2014 04:33 PM

that makes sense. I had measured from the top down, but your way sounds much more logical now that you mention it. Thanks. I will see if I can find any differences and then a solution.

bobski 12-06-2014 07:36 PM

all the good hi std smiths are in conn.
i can tell you this....youre opening a can of worms by trying to fit an adj rear sight to your dovetail. theres more involved than just sliding it in. it will need to be opened up and a hole drilled thru the slide for a roll pin stake to keep it from drifting in the dovetail. trust me, dont go there.
i would tell you to just put a 103 slide with site already installed on your gun, but major frame designs took place at 104. it wont wotk.

bobski 12-06-2014 07:40 PM

if you look under the belly of hi std bbls or in the frame cavity around the bbl plunger hole, you will occasionally see where smiths shim the bottom of the belly to make it sit higher in the frame. trust me...all this stuff you want to do its a lot easier to just buy a hi std with what you need on it and be done. doing all this dorking around is just eating your wallet up. your sport king was created to be a cheap plinker.
if you want to shoot bulleye, go up to a true unbutchered tournament or citation and be done.

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