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12fretter 04-11-2011 04:52 AM

Help an ignorant shooter with his scope mount?
I bought a 10-22 and Bushnell cheapo scope at Wally-World. It was all I could afford. The scope mount seems to be a joke, or maybe I just don't know any better. What do I replace with better parts? The mount that came with the rifle, or the rings that came with the scope, or both? And how much will this set me back? I think they are 1" rings. You can see here it seems to be hanging on for dear life. Any help would be appreciated.

deathkricket 04-11-2011 07:55 AM

You need rings with a wider base that fit the standard rail, go back to wally world and they sell many different size rings, just get standard rail size rings. looks like the rings you have are for a BB gun rail.

7point62 04-11-2011 12:53 PM

I've had very good results with this

Ruger 10/22 Scope Mount Keylock 2-Ring Black

about $42

Snakedriver 04-11-2011 07:14 PM

Considering the distances and the rifle you are shooting, many scopes can be up to the task of providing the reasonable accuracy you desire, including your Bushnell. However, with that said most ring sets that come with scopes as part of the package aren't worth a hoot. Do yourself a favor and spend another $20-$40 to get yourself a good set of 1" rings that will fit the standard Weaver base and you'll be good to go. The larger (wider) portion of the 10/22 scope mount that came with your rifle is for the Weaver sized rings. As I recall, there are slots in the base where the ring through-bolt to tighten the rings should be located.

Note: When selecting some new rings I find "medium height" is the best fit.

m72law 04-11-2011 09:28 PM

most those mounts that come w/the 10/22 are 3/8's dovetail base...either get a cheap 3/8's type scope or rings or change it over to a 7/8 weaver....looks like you could open up your thumb knobs on rings a bit and drop it down to the next platform?

12fretter 04-11-2011 09:40 PM


looks like you could open up your thumb knobs on rings a bit and drop it down to the next platform?
Nope, not even close to being able to do that with the length of the threads of the thumbscrews.

So, if I understand everything right now, I don't have to change the mount on the rifle, I just have to get rings from Walmart to fit the mount?

Jpyle 04-11-2011 10:37 PM

The mount you have is a dovetail or tipoff mount. You can either change the mount to a weaver type and use the rings you have or replace both. A set of Millet 1" rings and a new base will cost less than $50 and you will be happier afterwards. Otherwise at a minimum you need tipoff rings to fit that mount. This will limit any future use of the scope as most centerfire rifles will require a more robust setup than the 10-22.

Jpyle 04-11-2011 10:42 PM

Don't buy anything yet. I rummage through my spare parts bin and see if I have what you need, if I do its yours.

Sniper03 04-11-2011 11:55 PM


As JPyle stated! That rail you have is the main culprit in you situation. It is not the proper rail with the multiple level situation it has. With the extra rail surface on top it keeps your present rings from working. As he has stated the folks on the forum are tops and willing to help. You have a great little rifle and the scope will probably do what you want it too! But if you get the base problem solved you will be good to go. Of course as has been stated Weaver bases and rings are hard to beat. And not susceptible to allowing changes in the rifles zero due to dropping or bumping. Thanks to JPyle maybe he has some trinkets in his archives!


12fretter 04-12-2011 01:06 AM

Thanks for all the help guys. Jpyle, I appreciate your offer. Let me know.

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