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SoL 10-14-2009 10:41 PM

happy resolution
well after close to a year, I finally have my Remington 597 .22WMR back from all the bollocks!

Even though Remington gave me a HUGE amount of runaround, through being one tenacious ol' cock I managed to get everything savvy.

The huge crack in the bolt was flagrantly caused by manufacturer's error and they took full responsibility for that and replaced it without question.

at complaining about not being able to fit more than 5 rounds in my 8 round mag was told (and I quote (from a remington rep) ) "Yeah we're basically calling them 5 round magazines now as we are having a lot of people complaining of this fault."




I don't need to explain what a full stop ludicrous sentence that is.

It was at this point I took the phone of my local gunstore owner and dealt to them myself. The end result was I got 2 new magazines that hold and feed 8 rounds very happily, and a new box of those kickarsed hornady ballistic rounds, that cost close to $1 a round here.

So now that I have it back, functioning and intact how is it performing?

Bloody brilliant!!

Yep, it's wicked. So accurate, and with the volquartsen hammer the trigger issues are no more.

even though it's nearly a year since i got it I am very happy with the rifle I have now.

Remington need to work on their magazine machining and also possibly at their customer service/technical support department to prevent this type of tripe****e happening to someone with a more realistic level of tollerance than I, and I was damn near just throwing it in and getting my cash back too.

OldYeager 11-04-2009 05:40 AM

Rem 597 22 mag problems too
Hi Sol ................... OldYeager here

I also had a problem crop up on my Remington 597 in 22 mag. I accidently dislodged or somehow pulled out the bolt handle. The little black retainer spring broke and I could not reinstall the bolt handle. So took the gun to a local gunsmith. He couldn't fix either, so he sent it into an authorized Remington repair shop. Three months and many calls later, got my gun back. It seems to shoot ok. But I don't like the looseness of the bolt handle. It wiggles around when I handle it. Am afraid it will fly off the gun one day and be gone for good. I also have some issues with those magazines. I have two of the metal ones but still, they are sticky and hang up from time to time. Sorry stuff, those magazines.

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