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whistlindixie 02-15-2011 01:04 AM

A gun for my girl
So I've lurked for a few days and I've searched for my topic but haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. I think I've accepted that I need to buy a 22 (to my disappointment) as my 12 year old daughter's first rifle, my only problem is which one.
1. I'm not convinced that she needs a youth model, she's almost as big as my wife and I think she may outgrow it too soon for me invest in a youth size.
2.I would like single shot, but am not completely opposed to semi-auto. That being said, I think that a lever action may compromise her shooting position when cycling, and I'm not sure that a pump action wouldn't either, so i think I'm left with semi auto (10/22 :D ) or bolt action.
3. I want a rifle with iron sites because I want her to develop good marksmanship skills and habits before I spoil her with a scope. But I also want it to be tapped for scope mounts. . . No need to pay a gunsmith anymore than necessary .
4. A rifle that accepts all 22 rounds would be preferred. No one likes to have to hunt for specific ammo and I like to have a selection of prices. ;)
5. My budget. My low end is 200 and high end is 500.
She doesn't need to be match ready or anything, I just want to have some father daughter time and help her develop a skill that could prove useful in the future.
Also, please give me ideas of questions I may need to ask at the sore, and things that I need to be aware of and gun buying tips in general.
Let me know if any other info will be helpful.

c3shooter 02-15-2011 01:46 AM

Darned good questions.

It will be VERY hard to find a current day .22 Auto that will handle shorts and Long Rifle ammo. I have some older Remingtons that do so with style, but it takes a special design. Levr actions seem to do much better, but except for high dollar guns like the Browning BLR in 22, think your choices will be Henry or a Marlin 39A. Both are pricy, both are DAMNED good. I have a couple of the 39A, including my dad's.

Bolt action- detachable magazine type will not handle shorts. Tube type magazine will. MOST .22 rifles made today are either drilled and tapped (in the case of the Marlin 39A) or have two paralell lines 3/8ths of an inch apart in the top of the reciever- that is for the scope mount to grab.

Savage makes a very good hunting grade rifle, as does Marlin, Winchester, Browning, Mossberg, etc etc etc. For the money, take a look at a Savage 93. Bolt action, very accurate rifle. The Ruger 10-22 is an auto, I think there are more of them made than jellybeans. A LOT of shooters love them

Go for a DECENT scope. Yes, you can buy cheapie. (Voice in distance- YOU'LL BE SORR-EEEEE!) Do not try the 100 power see the rings of Saturn monster- a decent 4 X, or a 3-9x variable, about a 40mm front lens.

While in the gun shop, mosey over to the used racks- some good bargains lurking there.

One note if you already know, excuse lecture please- .22 long rifle and .22 magnum (properly called .22 WMR) do NOT interchange. Different guns, different ammo.

Enjoy the time w/ your daughter. The Anarchist-in-Training (granddaughter) is now 14, and has been my shooting partner for 4 years now. Be sure to get her some shooting glasses and her own ear muffs.

Tips- either know the gun, or know the dealer. A good dealer takes care of his customers. Used rifles- always look at the crown (end) of the muzzle. A dinged up crown usually equals crappy accuracy.

JTJ 02-15-2011 02:19 AM

Good post c3. Sounds like a Marlin tube fed 22 bolt would be ideal. Just make sure you clean the chamber if you shoot shorts. You can single load shorts in the magazine fed rifles. I sometimes play with CB caps in the garage.

gregs887 02-15-2011 02:29 AM

If you aren't dead set on being able to use multiple types of ammo, you can't go wrong with a 10/22. Flip up adjustable sights, lightweight and accurate right out of the box, easy to mount a scope to, and very affordable (I think mine was about $200 after all of the taxes and fees). Another thing about the 10/22 is with just about endless aftermarket support, your daughter gets a rifle that she can truly make her own. Let us know what you get her!

BillM 02-15-2011 02:57 AM

Savage 22 bolt action, magazine fed, with accu-trigger. I've got one with decent iron sights, but you can also slip a scope on it. Seems to shoot any
Long Rifle round I feed it acceptably well, with the accuracy of some being

Start her out without the magazine, single loading.

Not an expensive gun---you will have enough left over for plenty of ammo.
Pick up a few Butler Creek Steel Lip 25 rd 10-22 mags when you see them on sale---they will fit the tricked out purple-n-pink laminated stock 10-22
she's going to want for her 13th birthday:)

aandabooks 02-15-2011 03:03 AM

Why the disappointment over having to buy a .22 as a first gun? Were you thinking something in a larger caliber or would you have preferred a shotgun?

USEBOTHHANDS 02-15-2011 03:29 AM

ya know......when i was that age, i had an awesome .177 caliber BB/pellet rifle (with iron sights). i shot EVERYTHING with it, and i do mean EVERYTHING. BB's (as well as pellets) were cheap, but BB's could be loaded a couple hundred @ a time, and when you ran out, it was easy to come up with a dollar or two and get more.

they're easy to use, FUN, FUN, FUN to shoot, and a great starter "gun" @ that.

if you're not TOO disappointed in that kind of purchase, get both of you one, and put the rest of the money back for a 10/22 for next year. i'm 35 and still own a Daisy Red Rider BB gun, i love to burn up a tube of BBs.:D

PLUS, you can shoot it @ ANY TIME, AND JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE (city limits - in your "fenced" backyard).

rifleman55 02-15-2011 03:41 AM

Savage makes a single shot 22 with real dopter target shooting style sights. It would be the ideal first rifle.
A scope can be put on it later, but if she would really like to learn markmanship, perhaps to compete someday, it would be the ideal rifle.

Otherwise, I'd go with the basic bolt action, heavy barrel rifle that Savage makes.
It's very accurate with the right ammo, so she won't get upset because she cannot shoot small groups. You can get a 10 round mag for it.
A semi auto makes it too easy to just fire shots. A bolt action slows you down a little more and makes you want to make each shot count.

Savage has become the rifle that is the one to try and beat, with Marlin a little behind. Fantastic value, good price. Do get the Accu trigger model, not the one with the regular trigger at Wally world.

That's the way I would go were I you.

John K

whistlindixie 02-15-2011 04:13 AM


Originally Posted by aandabooks (Post 445653)
Why the disappointment over having to buy a .22 as a first gun? Were you thinking something in a larger caliber or would you have preferred a shotgun?

Well, I am worried she'll get bored with a 22, so I was thinking I'd get her something she could grow into to, but not to worry, I have a 30.06 and a shotgun so there's something for everyone and maybe I'll get something in between too; my wife is bugging me for a pink AR 15. :eek:

whistlindixie 02-15-2011 05:06 AM

Everyone thank you so much for info. If there's anything else you think I need to consider, please, don't be shy. C3, thank you in particular, i was not aware of any difference in the 22 fam concerning magnums. . . Negotiations with the wife are ongoing, but I'm angling for 2 guns. :P

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