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GSGMan 01-08-2011 03:26 AM

GSG-522 Anyone having this problem?
I own a GSG-522 rifle it's brand new with less than 500 rounds through it. I bought two additional factory magazines for it and they seem to not work right. Sometimes I will go to pull the trigger and there is no bullet in the chamber. This seems to be caused by the crappy spring in the magazine because its not strong enough to push the bullet. I live in NY and the laws require up to a 10 round magazine. Is it the same with the 22rd mags? Has anyone that owns a GSG rifle had this problem? Someone also told me they use 10rd ProMag Mags and never had one problem...

JonM 01-08-2011 04:00 AM

its a behavior related to ammo too weak to fully cycle the action. try some hyper velocity cci ammo. if the problem doesnt happen then you got your answer.

when i get a new 22lr ill buy various brands in 50 round boxes to find what works best.

GSGMan 01-08-2011 11:54 AM

Yeah, I was trying winchester super x high velocity and it jammed up on every shot i'll give CCI a try. Thanks

DMan7 06-27-2011 04:11 AM

It needs lube
the problem with feed failure is not so much low power ammo. The darn slider on the all-plastic mag sticks - plain and simple. When you fire a round, a sticking magazine follower wont rise up to feed the next round. The bolt closes with no round in the chamber.

Don't oil the mag! It will gum up even worse.

The mag can be repaired, but you need the right materials and you have to take it apart. Disassembly of the mag can lead to breakage of the plastic limiters (for 10 round mags) so BEWARE.

What you need is fine POWDERED GRAPHITE. You can get this at most hardware stores. You want to take the mag apart, wipe it clean inside and out. Then apply the powdered graphite with either your finger (use a rubber glove) or a Q-tip to all the interior surfaces. You want to take a little bit of powder and spread it on the parts with the Qtip till they are shiny black. Do this for the inside of the mag, the follower, everything. Reassemble the mag and cycle the follower up and down. It will feel smooth and responive.

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