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Tacnationinc 09-29-2009 05:25 AM

GSG-5 Problems
I recienly purchased a German sports gun GSG-5 .22cal mp5 look a like. I run a tactical weapons accessories company and while at one of our gun shows i snuck away from my booth to scower the show asking about this new very atractive tactical .22. I have been burned before with my sig sauer misquito and wanted a low cal (Dependable) weapon to keep my shooting cost affective. To make a long story short i bought the GSG after having multiple people rant and rave about the dependability. low and behold the first time out it jammed every other round. After a quick turn around from the manufacture i seem to be having better luck with it for now but i just want to know if i was one out of a million or are there other people out there that had the same problem. Basicly should i get rid of it before it happens again?

JoshX3Magazine 09-29-2009 12:08 PM

I have to say I'm surprised by your report. I've owned my GSG-5 for several months now and have shot all sorts of old, crappy ammo through it, in rainy, humid and hot conditions without a single problem, failure to feed, function or fire of any kind.

A buddy of mine has a GSG-5, and has had it for a lot longer than I have, and shooting his was the reason I bought mine. He's never actually cleaned his. I mean like never. Your hands get dirty actually touching the thing, and it shoots great.

I hate to hear that you've had problems, but from my experience it's extremely rare.


junho806 09-29-2009 01:41 PM

same here
been about 2 months now and no problems at all
maybe you just need to break it in for now
keep us updated

chucksolo69 09-29-2009 03:11 PM

I have never owned a semi-auto .22 firearm, that didn't need to be broken in. You need to be patient and run at least 500 rounds through the gun as I did to my Colt M4 .22. That gun now runs fantastic with no problems with ANY ammo, except Remington, for over 1300 rounds now. The same holds true with my Mosquito. After 500 rounds of CCI MiniMags it now will shoot almost anything reliably.

Tacnationinc 09-29-2009 04:02 PM

Don’t get me wrong I love the weapon, that’s why I wanted it so badly. I really want it to be everything I thought I was getting, but it was really disappointing watching everybody on YouTube going through mag after mag and then having mine flop right of the bat. After reading your replies I will absolutely be giving it another try, the manufacture gave me excellent service and did a full free upgrade and parts replacement. I just didn’t know if I should hold onto it or jump out before it lost value. My company sells accessories for the GSG, with what’s out there what is your opinion on some of the upgrades? Or is it better left as is?

junho806 09-29-2009 05:00 PM

i would at least upgrade the screws to HK screws
the stock screws are cheap and strip easy
some blue loctite on the bolt assembly screws are recommended as well
that personally for me would be the minimum

CaseyChadwell 10-08-2009 10:29 PM

Something that I have noticed while shooting mine is if you have your hand on the mag. while shooting it will jam a few times. If you have your hand on the mag. try to keep it off there and fire it, maybe that will help.

BuddyL 10-09-2009 08:39 PM

My problems were traced to the magazine (21), replaced it and no more problems. The company traded me out due to a bad batch. Maybe you got one of those.

dickwat 10-11-2009 01:31 AM

I have a GSG-5 and on occasion will have a jam, usually with extremely soft HP bullets. Generally quite reliable. Have bought 2 extra mags for it, MecGar I believe, 1/2 the cost of name brand one and they work great. Give it a good break-in, clean it and it should be O.K.

chucksolo69 10-26-2009 11:19 PM

Here's an update on my new GSG-5. I ran 350 rounds of Winchester, CCI and Federal ammo through it this weekend WITHOUT any failures of any kind and I even mixed the ammo in the magazine!! I was able to zero the gun with about 20 rounds and then from 25 yards it was cutting the center out of a 25 yard NRA slow fire pistol target. I have to say that this is the first .22 firearm I have fired that I didn't have to break in. Amazing.

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