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Flat Tire 12-04-2012 01:01 AM

Look at the Browning T Bolt. They just released a composite stock model with a 16" threaded barrel. The 16"barrel is perfect with a suppressor.

dwmiller 12-04-2012 01:19 AM

Subsonics and the longest barreled bolt gun you can get. Goes a long way in the quiet dept.

You do realize 60 grain sss 22's don't stabilize well with 1 in 16 twist barrels? This round works best in 1 in 9 twist. They work best in converted ar15's.

CB shorts and longs work great with standard twist(1-16) 22's. Also cci quiet rounds and they are dead accurate at 50-75 feet. That is usually all the range a quiet round needs anyway.

JTJ 12-04-2012 02:50 AM

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I have the Savage MKII FVSR.

shooter88 12-04-2012 03:31 AM

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Savage mark II fvsr...Great gun...nuff said

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RemFire 12-08-2012 09:33 PM

I must say the Savage MK2 FV-SR is really appealing to me at the minute. Next gun up for me I think.

If its not to much heavier, a Boyds Tacticool stock would go nicely on one to, like is fitted to the MK2 'TR' and 'TRR' versions.

AleksiR 12-09-2012 11:02 AM

CZ also offers their rimfires with threaded barrels and they are known to be accurate. Better triggers are available and it's super easy to just do a trigger job yourself.

CZ 452 Varmint w/ 16" threaded barrel

bonney 12-09-2012 11:36 AM

If power or repeat hit speed means nothing to you, why not just use a pellet rifle, hmm? If you read and understand Paladin Press's book, HOW TO MAKE A SILENCER FOR A .22, you will be out only about $40 for your "can", along with the $200 Fed tax, of course, and that includes internally threading your barrel yourself. Once you have made the special, brass- piloted tap drill bit, all you need is to borrow the use of a vise, a level, and a hand held power drill that features a bubble-level built into it. The counterbored hole in the muzzle and the internal thread means that you don't have to remove and relocate your front sight..

I've had a 10-22 Ruger do ok with the 60 gr subsonic Aquila load. You can just use CB caps in a long barrel and it will be fairly quiet. They will take squirrels and rabbits with chest hits.

There is very little noise that escapes the ejection port of a suppressed .22 autoloader. On a very quiet, cold,night, on flat open terrain, you might hear it at 200 yds, but typically it goes unnoticed at 100 yds. In wet, warm conditions, in wooded hills with a bit of wind, it will be unnoticed at 50 yds. Ditto if passing vehicles or dry leaves in a breeze are creating "background noise".

The book shows you how to create a mallet-powered "die-set" for forming the baffles, and it shows you 2 ways to mount the male-threaded adapter into the rear of the can. It may be welded into place, using an $80 MAPP -oxygen torch, or it can have 3 roll pins driven into holes that are drilled thru the side of the tubing (1/8" from the end of the tube, centered on the sides of the bolt head) and into 3 (alternating) sides of the 6 sides of the hex headed bolt that becomes the adapter.

A .238" ID hole is of course drilled thru the 3/4" long bolt, lengthwise and centered. this allows the bullet to pass cleanly thru the adapter. Then JB Weld epoxy seals the holes in and around the pins, and around the sides of the bolt head. A can must be a 'gas tight" container, you know. The only hole in the can must be the one the bullet comes out of.

The formed, annealed, copper screenwire "donut" baffles have a 1/4" ID hole thru their centers, for the same reason as the hole thru the adapter, letting the bullet pass thru them. All .22 cans have to be cleaned every 300 rds or so. The powder residues start to make them "louder". A few shots of brake cleaner solvent and then blasts of compressed air (from a can of air intented for cleaning computer keyboards, if need be) suffice, but let all inflamable vapors evaporate before firing thru the can, or you'll have a fire inside of it.

DavidB 12-09-2012 11:46 AM

There is a guy on gun broker who sells a barrel threading service for ~$60. That's probably your cheapest route

bonney 12-09-2012 11:48 AM

It's not cheaper than making your own can. :-)

Axxe55 12-09-2012 04:24 PM


Originally Posted by DavidB (Post 1045149)
There is a guy on gun broker who sells a barrel threading service for ~$60. That's probably your cheapest route


Originally Posted by bonney (Post 1045151)
It's not cheaper than making your own can. :-)

making your own silencer is stupid and illegal without the proper permits and licenses. not to mention very likely unsafe! there is areason they are expensive to buy, because a properly made silencer costs money to make.

making your own silencer at home is agood way to run afoul of the BATF and risking serious jail time with cell mate named Bubba!

Bonney, recommending people making them at home just shows your stupidity and ignorance on the subject. just how many have you made BTW? or is some more of your BS showing through again?

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