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warhawk77 05-31-2011 01:14 AM

Glenfield model 70 question
Thinking about 22 rifles I dug out one of mine tonight.

I was at a yard sale a few summers ago and saw a few BB guns on a shelf. Looking a bit closer one had a bigger barrel so I picked it up. Turns out is was a 22 rifle so I asked how much and the guy told me $20 so I took it no questions. He did tell me it shoots fine with no jams.

I brought it home cleaned it up and stored it for a few years. But not shot it yet. I hope to shoot it this summer but I am going to take it apart and give it a good cleaning and check the workings of everything.

I am seeing a lot on the model 60 but nothing on the model 70 other than the 70 has a clip and 60 doesn't. Anyone tell me anything on the gun? Age? Reliable? Does anyone make bigger clips, or stocks for this gun?


MidnightExpress 05-31-2011 05:27 AM

you'll find a lot of information at Rimfire Central's Marlin semi-auto forum

Marlin Semiautomatic - Forums

warhawk77 05-31-2011 11:18 AM

thanks for the link I will check that out.

No damaged that I can see but I might ask someone else to recheck it before I shoot

big shrek 05-31-2011 09:59 PM

Here's the shortcut on the info ;)

Glenfield/Marlin model 70 and its other numbers & derivations...
Marlin 989 Made 1962-1966
Marlin-Glenfield 989-G from 1962-1964
Marlin 989-M2 carbine made 1966-1979
Marlin/Glenfield 70 version from 1966-1969
Marlin 70HC 1988-1996
Marlin 995 1979-1994
Marlin 795 1996-present
Marlin 7000 (Heavy Target Barrel version) 1997-2006

House Brands (made for other companies with their rollstamp)
Coast to Coast 42 - Marlin 70
Coast to Coast 440 - Marlin 70
Coast to Coast 700 - Marlin 70/995
Cotter & Company 701 - Marlin/Glenfield 70
Katz 1282 made for Katz Drugstores was a Marlin 989
Western Field 45 - Model 70

So, as you can see, due to the constant name changes by Marlin, it was always hard to keep up with the darn things.
And you think the above is bad...just wait until you read the listing for the various Marlin 60's...LOL

The above info was taken from the Marlin House Brand sticky on RFC...which I wrote, so I give myself permission to use ;)
Marlin House Brand listing - Forums
It is thusfar, the most complete Marlin-Only listing...and I do update it when I find out something new & then verify it.

Any stock for a 60, can be modifyed for use on a 70/795.
Or you can use stocks made for 795's, BUT you must change the trigger guard for the newer squareback &/or LSHO style.
DIP makes really NICE ones of billet aluminium.

10-round OEM Marlin 795 mags...slap right in.
there are 13-round OEM Marlin mags floating around...rare as heck...I've got ONE...and it ain't for sale ;)
15-round National Magazine mags (steel) but ALWAYS need modification to fact, I've still got one unmodded...because itsa pain.
15-round Plastic Ramline longer made...but auctioned often...
25-round Shooter's Ridge mags...first run is in the public now...mixed results...S.R. is working on a second, improved run...
we'll holler when that comes out.
The hangup with the S.R. first run mags is that they need slight backwards pressure, some are using a little foam tape to do that...
works OK, but wears out too quickly...folks are still figuring out what to do that'll work better.

big shrek 06-03-2011 10:46 PM


Originally Posted by MidnightExpress (Post 514899)
you'll find a lot of information at Rimfire Central's Marlin semi-auto forum

Marlin Semiautomatic - Forums

I try to be here at least once a week...but RFC is my second home, usually there daily...multiple times ;)

Fortunately, guys like Eric0424 & Arrowdodger are there mostly daily as well...

If one does NOTHING else but read the sticky's on that site, and then does a post search on there of their particular model number, and reads them ALL...
they'll know more than most gunsmiths about dealing with Marlin rifles :)

Ltriker 06-03-2011 10:52 PM

Great little guns, difference between 60 and 70 is the mag system. 60 is tube fed, while 70 is detachable box mag.

Great shooters, shoulda already been out enjoying it.

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