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_winer_ 04-07-2013 12:23 AM

First .22 - Few ideas... but confused!
Hi all,

Please be patient for the long post. :D
Have been going to the local shooting range for a few months now and up until today have shot only a single shot, right handed bolt action carbine (and a handgun as part of firearms abilitation requirements we have over here). Shot from bench rest @50 yards. It's extremely accurate and with a very light trigger. Each time am not in the '10' I know it's because I did something wrong. Have also filed my request to own firearms and expect it to be ready by the end of the month.
So, am now looking for my first gun and my ideas aren't exactly clear :rolleyes:

Am a left eye dominant , left arm shooter. My preference goes to ambidextrous guns. Pure 'lefty' guns are rare to find here and may be very hard to sell in case I have to.
I would like a rifle / carbine for general use. Bench rest is ok, but mostly I'd like to shoot offhand. Am not into matches, I just like to compete with myself, trying to get a bit better day by day.

Offhand shooting makes me lean to a semiauto carbine rather than a bolt action. It just seems awkward and tiring to manipulate the bolt with the right while you try to keep the gun on target with the left (maybe a stock with a pistol grip would help? I like the Evolution by Boyds by the way).

The purpose of this rifle in the end would be to learn and practice shooting before passing (well I guess I will always shoot .22 :) ) to higher calibers.
The use would be target shooting only, mostly @50 meters (55 yards). Plinking is not an option here (not exactly forbidden but not easy / safe to find a place to practice).

So far I have tracked down the following options (also based on availability):

A) Marlin 60 (+ Boyds stock in the future?): a detachable magazine is not a high priority for me at this point. So the Marlin would seem like a good choice considering it's accuracy. I don't know if the tubular magazine makes any difference as the center of mass changes while you shoot. Also don't know if it's more or less reliable than a 10/22 or 15-22

B) Ruger 10/22 (+ Boyds stock in the future?): actually they are not that common over here, also parts availability is limited and expensive. Still it's affordable and I value it's reliability a lot.

C) S&W M&P 15-22: well, i do like how easy it is to take apart for cleaning. Dimensions and weight are also a plus. I also saw it has an effective deflector for ejected cases, nice touch for us lefties. The doubts are about accuracy. I have read around and am still not sure how good a trainer it would be for shooting offhand @50yards.
By trainer I don't mean for the controls, am not sure I'll ever own an AR. Just a trainer for general shooting techniques.
Still, considering I will not plink with it I can afford to use better ammunition rather than the federal 'el cheapo' :D
(Side note: Sig 522 are not yet imported here, otherwise this post would not exist, love those Sigs)
Also an option the Chiappa M 4-22 (awkward name aside :rolleyes:). Am still unsure about it's accuracy too.

D) Remington 597 TVP: with its heavy barrel this looks more ideal for bench rest than offhand. From what I read it's extremely accurate, but how much will that matter when shot offhand? Would it's front heavy weight be so detrimental that results would actually be better with A-B-C? Or would the Boyds stock help keep it comfortably for long periods?

Will try to actually see these guns in person but over here guns availability is somewhat limited, most dealers sell mostly hunting rifles.

I deliberately left out prices as they are quite different over here. The options are actually in their expensive order. Still I would prefer to buy something that does the job at a higher price rather than spend less and have something not up to the task (Ruskin docet).

So, what do you guys suggest? :)

Kdub 04-07-2013 12:34 AM

All good choices. All are reliable. The Marlin is probably most accurate. The tube does nothing to decrease accuracy. The m&p is the most fun. The ruger will never let you down. Don't have any experience with the Remington, but the first 3 are all reliable, accurate arms. If you have no desire to get into ar shooting I would say go with the Marlin. It is a simple design, user friendly and probably the most accurate. You won't be disappointed with either of the three. They all meet your criteria. Choose whatever you like the best.

JosephMD 04-07-2013 12:44 AM

Any would be a good choice. The model 60 is well known for reliability and accuracy, mine has had more than 10,000 rounds through it and it still works fine. Surprised to learn the 10/22 isn't that common there, its best feature is parts availability, at least in the USA, out of the box accuracy not quite what the 60 & 597 can do but still good. I'm not the biggest fan of the tactical 22's like the M&P 15-22, I suppose they make good trainers for AR-15 style rifles. The 597 is pretty good too, that is what my son is learning on, it is a great target shooter out of the box. Our 597 has just passed the 1,000 round mark with no real problems, it stove pipes every so often and for a while it seemed to have a problem chambering the 9th round, but that hasn't happened in a while.


canebrake 04-07-2013 12:54 AM

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I bought my Marlin 60 47 years ago and it still plants 40 grain bullets in the 10 ring out to 50m.

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I think you know what my recommendation will be.

c3shooter 04-07-2013 02:46 AM

May I suggest a different rifle? A Remington 552 Speedmaster.

.22 Semi auto, will handle shorts, longs or long rifles. Sufficent accuracy for plinking at 50 meters. Has a spent cartridge deflector to keep you from getting hit by ejected casings- and the bolt handle is on the LEFT side.

MikeInVegas 04-07-2013 03:55 AM

I have a Marlin Model 60 and a Ruger 10/22...both are excellent rifles, and plenty accurate. Can't speak to the other two, since I have no experience with them, although I have heard good things about both.

_winer_ 04-10-2013 09:43 PM

Thank you guys. There is a gun show next week so hopefully I'll have the chance to actually handle at least some of these rifles.

Right now am checking availability of parts and prices for the 10/22. Not many actually, also not many items can be bought from US due to restrictions on foreign shipping.

For the meanwhile thank you... :)

orangello 04-10-2013 10:22 PM

Do they sell those Henry lever-action .22 rifles over there? It would seem the lever would be fairly ambidextrous, though ejection might need to be aimed away.

Might be easier to resell later than a left-handed rifle. I don't own one, but I have not heard anything bad about them. There are other brands with similar rifles.

I just sold a .22 magnum version of this rifle by Rossi: fairly ambidextrous and ejects the empties generally upward.

rurak 04-10-2013 11:36 PM

I have a ruger 10/22 takedown model and I love it. Shoot great and is reasonably accurate. I paid 320 $ at a gun shop

RustyShackleford101 04-12-2013 12:47 AM

I've been shooting 10/22s since I was twelve years old, and I have had nearly all awesome experiences. I haven't had any trigger time on the marlin and very limited time with the m&p, so I can't say which one is my favorite. I'm just saying that of you get a 10/22, you won't be disappointed.

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