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boresight 12-28-2012 09:27 PM

coast to coast model 40
Hello I would like to know the history and the date the gun was made. It was my first 22 and was bought at the local Coast to Coast store but I can't remeber when. It has a squirrel on the stock. It has issues with jamming empty round on top of new round. Any help.

c3shooter 12-28-2012 10:02 PM

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Well, if your rifle looks like this:

Attachment 76846

it was made by Marlin as a Model 99, most likely the 99C. Production started in about 1959, and was one of Marlin's first 22 autoloaders. You did not mention if yours has a serial number- if none, would be between 1959 and 1968 (68 Gun Control Act began to require SNs on rifles and shotguns)

As far as jamming, when was the last time you took it down, cleaned it and lubed it? .22 rimfire is some nasty stuff.

boresight 12-28-2012 11:58 PM

Yes it has a sn and i have taken it a part and cleaned it. what I would like to know is how long the guns were made for coast to coast stores. It states model 40 on the barrel which cross referrances to a Marlin model 60. it has front sights like the one in the picture, it has a squirrel on the pistol grip section of the stock, it has a silver triger. I was once told the ejector spring may need adjusted.

c3shooter 12-29-2012 01:32 AM

Can't help with how long Coast-to-Coast was selling these. I have two different cross reference sources that both show the Model 40 as a 99C. FWIW, there WAS a model 39 lever action made in 1960 that had a squirrel carved on the right side of the stock, in a circle. They did it again in 1970. Marlin seems to have tricked out some Coast-to-Coast rifles the same way- 1970 was the 100th anniversary of the mdl 39.

PS- Did find a note that the Marlin 60 was marketed under the Glenfield brand from 1960, so there may have been some 'bleed over" from the Glenfield line. And the 60 seems to be a descendant of the 99C, so there is a definite relation between the 99C and the 60.

Sometimes there is just no clear answer- sorry. The true story was probably somebody in Marlin marketing having lunch with the buyer from Coast-to-Coast, and on the spot, offering to make a gun for them adorned with the squirrel carving- and then telling the production crews to drag out the router templates.

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