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oroprospector 07-07-2012 03:03 AM

Citadel M-1 in .22LR
Anyone know about these carbine look a likes? Bought one Wednesday, on Thursday the dealer called and advise it had been recalled for a safety reason? Contacted a jobber who advised there was a problem with the breech ramp, it had to be a adjusted. Doesn't sound like a safety issue. Any way any info would be appreciated!


JonM 07-07-2012 03:14 AM

total swing and a miss. if you want the carbine m1 look get a basic ruger 10/22 and get the m1 carbine dressup kit. one of the members here is an avid dress up kit collector and has a simply amazing collection.

oroprospector 07-07-2012 03:23 AM

Thanks, done that. But the Citadel is a dead ringer except for a flat bolt!

JonM 07-07-2012 03:26 AM

i wish ya luck with it :)

oroprospector 07-07-2012 03:57 AM

Thanks, they took it back to send to who ever. Been looking for one for a year. Probably won't find it again with the new U.N. Gun Laws being signed on the 27th.

Durangokid 07-07-2012 05:40 AM

If tthe U.N. embargo did take place Americans would have to start making arms again. Do you think there is a little John Browning playing in a sand box some where. I sure as hell hope so.:)

sputnik1988 07-07-2012 06:15 AM

They are going to be making a .45 acp version as well, now THAT I would be interested in.

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