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Can you clue me in to your firing "habits"?

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Originally Posted by cpttango30 View Post
Can you get a 22lr hot enough to worry about barrel heat. YOUR THE MAN.....

I bump fire my neos 20 rounds at a time and I can't get the barrel that hot.
I have fired a Marlin 60 enough out plinking on a warm day that the barrel was uncomfortable to the touch.

I had my Winchester 9422M at the indoor range last weekend and it got warm enough so that my daughter thought it was uncomfortable to the touch. I thought it was merely "warm."
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If I hadn't bought my S&W 15-22, I probably would have picked up a Marlin 60. I may still at some point. There's nothing wrong with tube magazines at all. They are all around fun plinkers.

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I prefer tubes. You don't lose them, they're trouble free and just look classier. I was at Wal Mart the other day and they had a Marlin model 60 for 157.00. It almost came home with me but the wife was with me.
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Originally Posted by birdie View Post
well you cant usually find aftermarket stocks or upgrades for tube fed rifles if thats fine wit you then thats perfect for you. I always want to soup up my stuff and also most stock stuff is soso imho.
Well, I'm w/ Tango on this one. BTW YHO is wrong. There are pro's and cons to every platform. A tube mag has never been a minus in my book, a rifle that is not an auto loader is not either. Each has a purpose and plinking cans is even fun w/ an open sight single shot .22. The rifles the OP is looking at can usually be found for under $100.00. I have a 1952 JC Higgins S/L/LR single shot that I would not consider selling. It is only worth about $50.00, but the way it shoots makes it worth much more to me. Some people are more of the purist variety and feel a rifle should shoot well w/ no mods.
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I have several rimfires including box mag, tube mag, and single shot. The only kind of tube mag guns I don't like are the bottom feeders. Some people swear by them and they're really nice guns (Henry) but the way I load a tube fed is to put the bottom end of my rifle on my foot if I'm out in the woods. I don't like doing that with the barrel end down. You can easily end up with mud in the barrel or you could be really stupid and pull a Barney Fife and shoot yourself in the foot. Not something I would enjoy I imagine.

As for loading a tube vs. a box the tube is faster hands down. I timed myself loading my Marlin 60's and I can load 15 rounds in about 25 seconds or less. It all depends on what kind of box the ammo is coming out of. I grab 3 or 4 rounds all lined up the same way and drop them in the tube one right after another. I hold all the rounds between my thumb and first finger and plop, plop, plop, plop.

Loading box mags is a hassle IMO. If you aren't in practice with a particular mag you can easily wear your thumb raw pushing the rounds in. The worst mags to load by far are the 10/22 stock mags. They might not stick out below the rifle but it isn't worth it to me. They are hard to load period. Some of the easiest box mags to load are also made by Ruger though. If you can hold the spring down while you drop rounds in the mag you can load those mags really quick. The MkII and MkIII rimfire pistols are like that and they are a breeze to load.

Personally I would (and have) buy a Marlin instead of a Mossberg. That's just because I know Marlins and have known them since I was about 8 years old when I started shooting dad's Model 60. I've loved those rifles ever since and it isn't just nostalgia. They're really good rifles at a really good price. They sell far more Marlins than any other rimfire semi-auto made. They double the sales of 10/22's and more. And Ruger actually sells 3 different rifles that are all called 10/22's. Marlin sells one design that's called the 60. They give different names to different rifles. There are the 70's, the 700's, the 795's, and several others that have been made over the years. If you added up all those Marlin would sell 3 times as many semi-auto rimfire rifles as Ruger.

I don't really know a whole lot about Mossberg rifles but I have a Mossberg shotgun that works very well. I've heard they're pretty decent. But I would have a very hard time believing they are as good as a Marlin 60. I have one 60 that has over 150,000 rounds through it and it's still going strong. In fact I just had it checked out by a gunsmith and he said there was a lot of life left in it. Maybe there are some Mossbergs that will do that but I've never heard of one.
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Default I would suggest-

Go to a local range and strike up a conversation with some shooters using both.
Carry a box of ammo and explain your problem. I believe they would be willing to let you shoot both and see what you like. I also know for a fact that unless it is 100 degrees outside already, that you are not going to heat up a .22 barrel to the point where it is "hot". Magazines are definitely more of a pain to load. Most pistol mags will accept various types of speed loaders, but I don't know of any for a rifle magazine (accept some of the AR types or duded up 10/22s made to look like ARs that hold 20-30 rounds or so).

As noted, folks have preferences one over the other both ways. My bolt actions are all magazine fed. And I do carry extra mags if I am hunting. At the range, a quick reload is not an issue and I will either reload the mag, or just firing single shot.

Just to throw you another option, take a look at the Henry H001 lever action. You should be able to find one new for $250 or so. Super smooth action, accurate, more fun to shoot than a barrel of monkeys, and Henry has a warranty and customer service policy that is unbeatable. I have friends that have the AR look alikes, but they are not really trying to have a weapon that is good for hunting, just shooting a lot of ammo. Some may be accurate enough for squirrels and rabbits, I just haven't seen any used for that, or know of anyone that also hunts with theirs.

From all your responses, I think you would be more pleased with the tube fed.
JMHO, but get one or the other and go shoot! And get the wife with you, she will have fun as well. After all, the family that shoots together, stays together. DF
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