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gregs887 05-23-2009 05:17 AM

Buying first .22!
Well with 7.62 getting harder to find and more expensive to shoot, its time to get me a .22! I've been looking at a Ruger 10/22 and a Marlin 795. Both are in my price range (the Ruger is about $40 more) and I was looking for some opinions to sway me either way (durability, reliability, etc). I know a lot of people like the 10/22, but I haven't read too much about the Marlin. This is mainly going to be a plinkster, so it doesn't need to be a tack driver. Thanks in advance

M14sRock 05-23-2009 05:52 AM

Either one will serve you well, but the Ruger 10/22 is the Mr. Potato Head of .22s. If the urge to accessorize hits you, the 10/22 is the one you will want. Plus the 10/22 is legend in the reliability world.

JoshX3Magazine 05-23-2009 06:51 AM

You can't go wrong with a Ruger 10/22. Great rifle. Simple, reliable, accurate and like it's already been said, there are accessories out the wazoo (wherever that is) around.

Plus, the rifle itself is relatively inexpensive and available in a myriad of styles, from the typical blued with rich wood stock to synthetic or even colored stocks.

You can't go wrong.


fragout 05-23-2009 01:47 PM

I would recommend the 10-22 also. Mine have been very reliable, and plenty accurate for small game gettin right out of the box. The sheer availability of aftermarket parts make for one heck of a versatile rifle, and can be easily customized to fit an owners needs. (Been thinkin about turning one of mine into a sort of "M14 training rifle", but for now, mine are pretty much stock.

Hombre 05-23-2009 01:48 PM

The Ruger 10/22 is the icon for .22 rifles. Well worth a few $$$ more...

UnderFire 05-23-2009 02:37 PM

I can understand why you want a .22.
Sorry can't help with your selections, because I own neither.
Although you have gotten some great replies on which is the best selection.

I just wanted to support your chioce of a .22 and say good luck with your new firearm...
I own a few .22 firearms and enjoy shooting them very much.
I have a Savage Arms .22 rifle (Stevens Model 62) which is very accurate
with the stock barrel sites. It only ran me 109 bucks a few years ago. I also have some .22 handguns (Walther P22, etc.) I live in the woods so I never walk out into my yard without a .22 with me. IMO you can't go wrong with a 22 firearm; they are fun to shoot & ammo is cheap, also in my case they are a great survival weapon in my yard against snakes, aggressive varmints and the unforeseen. A big plus in my case is that they (.22's) don't make a big bang so that neighbors 10 acres away get alarmed. :)

dsmith84 05-23-2009 08:16 PM

hey guys I myself have looked atgettin the ruger 10/22 is 200 bucks for a new one good or bad deal? how much should i pay? can anyone posts some links for cool accessories for it.

skullcrusher 05-23-2009 08:34 PM

I don't own a 10/22. When I went to get the last .22 rifle I purchased, I opted for the Remmy 597. When I get the catalogues and I see all the cool stuff you can get in the aftermarket for the 10/22's it makes me want to get one sometime.

Anyhoo, $200 for a stock 10/22 may be a little on the pricey end, but not out of whack. The 10/22's are so plentiful, that you can usually find them barely used for less.

Not a 10/22 owner but I've shot them and they are capable .22 rifles. The extras make it the best value .22 rifle out there, imo.

hunter Joe 05-25-2009 06:21 PM

I have a Ruger 10/22, Marlin Mod.40, Marlin Mod.25N, Marlin Mod.39A and if I had to pick one that shoots better than the rest, I couldn't do it. Start with what you can afford right now and eventually after shooting the 22 you will be inclined to buy another as your budget dictates. You gotta love those 22s.

gregs887 05-25-2009 09:04 PM

WOOHOO! Just bought a wood stock 10/22! Got it from Big 5, it was a little pricey ($240 including transfer and background check fees) but still cheaper than anyone else in town. My local shop wanted $355 for a wood stock, and $280 for a synthetic :eek:. So while $240 is a bit much, for my area I think I got a good deal :). Now if only it were June 5th.....

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