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pranc2 04-05-2011 04:11 AM

buck mark impressions and praise
took my buck mark to the range twice this weekend and i have to say that i am very happy with my purchase. as well as how well it will fit the role that i had planned for it. those would be trigger time for me and a starter pistol for my wife to learn some of what i enjoy so much. (really liking target transitions too) i did do the trigger spring flip and that made the trigger so nice i could not believe it. the weapon its self is heavy enough which i like because its big brother is a 1911. i think that the buck mark is heavier than my kimber but not by much. the buck mark seems to shoot almost any ammo. some ammo was a little more accurate than others but all cycled well. it didnt like remingtons golden bullet very much as i had 6 FTF out of 100 rounds and only 2 other FTF on all other rounds i fired over 800 rounds and two cleaning. federal lighten, and cci high velocity were the best overall but even the blazer was plenty accurate with good cycling. if anyone out there is thinking of a .22 pistol the buck mark is a very nice choice and you get every bit of what you pay for and comes highly recommended by many people of this site.(where i got the idea to get mine). sorry no pictures my computer is still smarter than i am.

CA357 04-05-2011 04:28 AM

Thanks for the report. People that own them seem to be happy with them.

How much of a hassle is it to take apart and clean? I've heard some say that it's kind of goofy.

pranc2 04-06-2011 01:12 AM

it is easy as all could be to take apart. most people seem to complain about the fact you need an allen wrench to take apart (that comes with it). and for some reason a different size to remove the barrel (that doesnt come with it). just a few pieces and there are no surprises. anyone who says the buck mark is hard to take apart clean and put back together shouldnt own a weapon period. this being the biggest reason i choose the buck mark over the ruger mark II or III. i like to clean my own weapons and simple is better to me.

CA357 04-06-2011 01:30 AM

Thanks for the info.

Txhillbilly 04-06-2011 01:57 AM

Pranc2,Glad to here you like your Buckmark.
Where did you buy the Remington Golden Bullets from?
If they came from Wally World,that's the problem.I shoot thousands of them each year out of almost all of my rimfires with rarely ever a problem.
But I will never buy any ammo from the big chain stores,the prices that they make the mfg's sell them ammo-wholesale-is right at what it cost the mfg's to make it,so they don't do any Q.C. on any of the ammo produced for the big chains.
That's why most people have problems with certain brands of ammo,and then get on the net and talk bad about a certain ammo not performing in their guns.

Both my Buckmark pistol and rifle like to be fed Golden Bullets.

Txhillbilly 04-06-2011 02:01 AM


Originally Posted by pranc2 (Post 480383)
anyone who says the buck mark is hard to take apart clean and put back together shouldnt own a weapon period.

CA357,Pranc2 is correct in this statement.

A Buckmark is a very simple weapon to take down.

pranc2 04-06-2011 02:45 AM

funny you say that it was walmart, but so was the federal and cci. plus all the .45acp i have bought from walmart no problems. never even thought about the QC thing but i could really see the truth in that statement. could have been a bad batch and no problems with the remington targets. they were accurate though even in the top. i think the buck mark just needs to be broke in a little more and will probably try them again.:cool:

Bigcountry02 04-06-2011 06:18 AM

Here are some sites for the Browning Buckmark. I picked up a Buckmark Camper Stainless Steel from Sportsman's Warehouse $299.00, dropped about 200 to 300 rounds, did not count the amount of times reloading the 10-round magazine. The container that was full of Blazer CCI .22LR was depleted. :D

I did not have one FTF the entire time. Cleaning was easy, did not do a complete disassembly, used the standard cleaning, as well as toothbrush cotton swabs, and the snake! Will breakdown next time.

The current manual that comes with, does not provide any information on disassembling for cleaning. Did the google and here are a 2 sites:

The following site provides pictures and little more indepth information that the manual listed above:


Some of the issues on complete cleaning:

1. In order to clean and lubricate the slide rails and the inner working of the "slide", it is necessary to unscrew the sight base after cocking the gun, and then pull the slide carefully off of the frame. Needless to say this throws off the sights which must then be readjusted. I have taken to cleaning out the barrel, and then going after the ejector face, and the slide rails with a toothbrush to save myself the trouble of disassembling the gun and readjusting the sights.

2. It is also important to exercise some caution about the extractor and the extractor spring. I spent a frustrating half hour crawling around on the floor of my dinning room brushing my hand across the carpet in an effort to find an escaped extractor spring. The extractor, spring and tensioner all departed the slide when I ran a tooth brush across the face of the breech. They are held in only by spring tension.

3. The earlier guns had a plastic magazine catch which would be slowly eaten away as it wore against the cut outs in the metal magazines. This problem does not exist in the newer guns, which have a metal catch.

Jay 04-06-2011 11:36 AM

I've never had an issue with take-down on my Buckmarks. I simply brass brush the breech face and bolt face, pull a patch thru the bore, and QTip the mag well. None of mine, (2 Target models, a Silhouette, and a Mocro URX) require any sight removal to completely strip the gun. The sights come off with the top rail.

vonfatman 04-07-2011 02:42 AM

Buckmarks are GREAT semi-autos!! Good report.

I've had a Buckmark or two...I enjoyed the heck out of them but they weresold off after I got the itch for improving my triggers. They sure shot great and were super accurate.

Sometimes our tastes change. If I'd not been able to improve (vastly) the triggers on my Ruger semi-autos I'd be down to two semi-auto Model 41 and Trailside!


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