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Bad .22 ammo or malfunctioning gun?

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I shoot Aguila Hyper velocity and CCI stingers all the time. No issues at all.
Mine also eats and cycles CCI and Aguila sub sonic.
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The Remington ammo is really bad for 22. The only good Remington 22LR ammo is the Eley stuff from England. Especially the Club Extra and EPS is very good. Remington just imports it and slaps their name on the box but you'll see Eley next to it and Made in Birmingham England. This is fine Match grade ammo and I never had a problem with it, it's nice and clean too ! I agree with other folks stick to CCI particularly the Standard, Green Tag, Mini-Mags, and Match Target. The mini mags are the hottest of the group at 1235 fps, the rest is around 1030 fps. The Winchester in the 100 round plastic red cases is good too for plinking. Some of the Agula stuff is good but it's kinda dirty. Try from a few of the ones mentioned, there's gotta be one or two that your rifles really likes.

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I only have only one semiauto rifle and it is a Browning SA/ATD. I never have a problem with it with any ammo, but I do not shoot any Remington bulk. Fed bulk 550, Win Bulk 333/555, Fed AutoMatch (excellent accuracy) and Fed 510b, and CCI mini-mags are all 100% in my pistols as well.
Sounds like a spring problem or gunk. I worked over a pawn shop mdl 60 for my grandson. It shoots great with the common ammo. NO Remington of any sort, however. DF
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try some CCI mini mags
then you will know if it is the gun
this ammo has never given me a problem
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clean it, use ammo strong enough to cycle the action reliably, your stovepipes should go away....take a nice nylon gun cleaning pick and CLEAN all those little crannies real good, it WILL help.
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Clean the gunk off from around the bolt face. Clean the firing in channel. Then try it again.


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Default Range Trip Test

Ok, here are the results:

I stripped it down and cleaned it pretty thoroughly. I scraped out any hardened deposits I could find, scrubbed everything out, etc. I examined all of the springs and found none to be kinked or caught.

I picked up a box of CCI Mini-Mags and went out to the range. The result was pretty apparent. The stovepipe issue disappeared- I had no issues with FTE like I had before. What DID continue to occur was the FTF issue- see the picture below. A mag tube of 6 rounds all resulted in FTF at one point. You can see the hits on the cartridges in the photo below.


Am I looking at a worn down firing pin? A worn out spring? Any combination?

Should I have purchased a new Ruger 10/22 instead of this handsome looking older gentleman from the 60's?
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Could be a lot of things, but it looks like a light hammer drop/weak firing pin strike. You might have a dirty FP channel, or the hammer spring might be weak.

Don't think this is the problem, but you might want to do a safety check. With the rifle empty(!!), hold down the trigger, and cycle the bolt. Then without cycling the bolt again, try to dry-fire it. If it doesn't fire, you may have a problem with the trigger disconnect, and the hammer is following the bolt down at the end of the cycle. Its time to see a gunsmith.

Originally Posted by GrumpyPine View Post
Ok, here are the results:
Am I looking at a worn down firing pin? A worn out spring? Any combination?

Should I have purchased a new Ruger 10/22 instead of this handsome looking older gentleman from the 60's?
Up to you. you can get parts from GunParts inc, and try your hand at fixing it. Older autos are sometimes a pain, but very fun to shoot. Plus, it could be something very simple (dirty FP channel).

Good luck!
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Default reliable .22 rimfire

I use CCI blazer, sureshot, and sidewinder in all my .22's and only have a few misfires, maybe 10 per brick. It's pretty reliable accuracy wise as well.
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First off you are probably NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS !!!! But I swear it's the TRUTH !! I was a gunsmith with BrowninG for 38 years and the BL-22 is one of the "guns" that I serviced on a regular basis. I can't tell you of the number of "hammer guns" that we use to get in for "misfiring" that had "hammer extensions" on them and removing the extension solved the problem (YES THAT'S CORRECT) !!!!! The extension slows the hammer down enough that it don't hit the cartridge hard enough to fire the round. You would think that the extra weight and mass would hit it harder but it DON'T. I remember one rifle that would misfire about 30% OF THE TIME WITH THE EXTENSION ON BUT WOULD never MIS-FIRE WITH IT OFF !! So though you didn't say that you had a hammer extension on the rifle---if you do take it off and try it again. I AM NOT saying that this is your problem but it MIGHT BE !!! Vearl Brown
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