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I have six 22 rifles and two pistols. No I don't carry one every day but I guess I could. Seems a waste of the other neat handguns I have though

I honestly don't think I can have too many 22's I love shooting them and you can't beat the bang for the buck. I don't think it makes the best carry round but if that's all I had then I'd sure as hell do it. I really don't think there is a best round for EDC though so I always advise those asking to use what they shoot best. Things like capacity don't mean near as much when you can consistently hit your target where you want (or need) to hit it. A 45ACP does no one any good if they can't put the round where it needs to be. Same can be said for a hi-cap 9mm. Who cares how much ammo you're carrying if you can't shoot it well. So I say shoot what you shoot best. In the real world in most situations where a handgun is needed time is REALLY SHORT. And cover might not be readily available. So one should be 100% confident they can put the first shot where it needs to be.


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While I shoot more .22lr than anything else, I keep my firearm portfolio diversified.



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Originally Posted by TNFrank
22 Mag moves you to an entirely different level IMHO. Of course ammo prices for 22 mag are on par with some of the center fire rounds so you lose the cost savings.
I wold love to have a PMR 30. Loaded with some PDX1.
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So far I have only a 22 rifle. Plan to add a 22 hand gun and another 22 rifle to the mix. Thinking of getting a 9mm for home defense though.

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I only have 22lr rifles, so far. I enjoy shooting them and I bow hunt. I do not need a larger rifle. The ranges around me only go to 200 yards but I am fine for now at 25-100 yards. Plus where I live you can not hunt with rifles due to the population. I do plan on getting a 12ga for skeet and trap shooting though.

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i love my .22s for target and taking my girlfriend and others who aren't too familiar with firearms out shooting. I just picked up a m&p 15-22 and have a blast with it. However when it comes to EDC i have my glock 19 for that and home defense i have a cz75 in 40s&w.

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This the S&W M&P 15-22 and the gsg 5-22 the both are great guns

image-3829029685.jpg   image-3800123750.jpg  
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An all .22 stable is just an illogical gun owner.

Im only rocking 10 calibers, and its nowhere near enough


I could make a list of a bunch of guns i have, or "have", or wish I had. Why would one feel compelled to provide that infornation freely? Do you feel the need to show off? Is it some immature game of oneupsmanship?

Why do you feel it necessary to list your guns?

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I've been thinking about the practicality of 22lr - even for defense. It is such a useful round - cheap, soft recoil, good distance. It teaches you fine long distance shooting skills out of a rifle - wind compensation, drop, ... generally teaches you ballistics well - if you are to become able to shoot well at a distance.
Handguns... I've seen people who are good with handguns in general make some extraordinarily long shots, consistently, with 22lr. Very impressive!
It's a fun, capable, instructive round.
Self defense - I've pondered that, too. A light shooting gun spitting out a lot of lead would deter most bad guys out there. Heck... just producing a gun would deter most.
I used to scoff at 22lr for defense. I'm swaying ...
More 22lr's are in my future.

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a 22 mag would make a great SHTF rifle. You can easily carry a good supply of ammo. It has enough power to take larger game with a well placed shot. Not much of a muzzle flash. You could harass your enemies all night long. The 22 mag is the weapon of choice for the ultimate survivors, the Inuit Indians (eskimos). Other than rabbits there is nothing small for them to shoot. Yet they make around 75% of their kills with the first shot.

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