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Uncle Tom 01-28-2009 02:20 AM

Ammunition selection for semi-auto reliabilty
My SW Model 41 semi-auto pistol .22LR jams up occassionally with shell casings. (This is for target shooting using round point bullets). I haven't paid much attention to ammo -- would higher or lower velocities be likely to improve performance? How about copper-plated vs. pure lead bullets? Thanks

cpttango30 01-28-2009 12:05 PM

What kind of jams.

FTF Failure to feed

FTE Failure to Extract


need a little more information to help you out better.

Mike U. 01-29-2009 02:07 AM

What he said.

Also, what brands and types of ammo are you running?
Sometimes, that can be helpful to know too. For example, my MKII absolutely bawks! at Remington Thunderbolts.

robocop10mm 01-29-2009 07:44 PM

Each gun will show preferences for different ammo. You must experiment and find what works for you and your gun. Unplated bullets will foul up the gun more quickly but may shoot/group better.
S&W 41's are very accurate with the right ammo. Mine prefers CCI green tag, but that is VERY expensive.

Uncle Tom 01-30-2009 03:15 AM

Repy to Robocop
Thanks for this -- yesterday I tried CCI Mini-Mag 40gr/1235fps at recommendation of my dealer. The 100-round box went 100% thru the Model 41, both slow and rapid fire. So I'm going to go with these since them seem about 1/3 of the price of your Green Tags! thanks

oldgrunt 02-03-2009 03:41 PM

You should experiment more. I used CCI standard velocity (a good compromise between cost and accuracy) for years in a M41 and Ruger bull barrel MkII's. If you are using your pistol for bullseye, the mini mags generate more recoil
which will hurt your scores in timed and rapid fire. Your M41 should be able to use the standard velocity as it is set up as a target pistol.

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