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Hesher420 11-01-2010 01:45 AM

10/22 stock quality? (ATI vs. Choate)
I'm sure a few people have a 10/22 they've customized. Is anyone familiar with these Dragunov stocks? I have a Choate stock for my M1 carbine and am very happy with it's quality, but know nothing about ATI.

Ruger 10/22 Fiberforce Stock by ATI ($35)

Choate Ruger 10/22 Dragunov stock ($63)

Other than $30, is there a real difference?
Anyone have experience with stocks in general from ATI? Quality?
Anyone have a suggestion for a better Dragunov stock?

CA357 11-01-2010 02:23 AM

I put an ATI Monte Carlo on a Mosin Nagant M38. It was fine.

SoL 11-02-2010 08:18 AM

in me and my flatmate's arsenal we have BOTH

I feel that the ergonomics on the ATI are FAR superior to that of the Choate.
It has much more positive grip and is a bit shorter in terms of pull so you can get it in nice and tight, I used this for my SMG/carbine configuration.
It is definitely a little bit flexy around the receiver but nothing that a glass bedding doesn't COMPLETELY eradicate.

The Choate is definitely a lot more solid, it is made of a denser plastic and also retains use of the barrel-band (the ATI only uses the one takedown screw) for extra solidity, though the ergonomics of it just frankly suck.
The pistol grip is like a vertical bar, totally uncontoured and at a near right angle to the rifle's axis, as well as just being way too goddamned short,
You are literally jamming your hand between the upper and lower stock rails and even after just a couple of hours I had a blister on the web of my thumb.
I do like the m1carbine style upper though, quite pretty. It also has a much longer stock than the ATI which kinda harms the "my girlfriend can use this with her little hands" train of thought (unless she is a gibbon with very small palms which, with the current state of the work economy, is probably true).

I swear by the ATI.


All people I get to compare either meet the choate with indifference or disdain.

Gunfan--actic 11-02-2010 11:55 AM

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I have a pair of 10-22's, one carbine, one stainless with the factory 22" barrel. I have the carbine in a TAPCO T6 currently, but have a Choate folding stock for it and am pleased with it's quality. The stainless is in a Choate Dragonuv, olive drab, with the cheek rest, and I am sticking with that till Bear gets my trigger group reworked, then I am going to a .920 barrel and I'll research stocks then. The Choate Dragonuv, in my opinion, is a pretty good stock. I like Fred Choates detail and quality in his stocks, not to say the ATI's are crap, but to me they dont seem to weigh as much, and dont seem thick enough in critical areas as the Choate .22 stocks. Also, the vertical reinforcement rod at the Choate butt stock allows me to attach a black pouch that fits right between the top and bottom portions of the stock by velcro that holds two plastic containers with 10 rounds, my hearing protection, scope lens cleaning cloths, and the Allen and Torx wrenches to keep things secure. (I use a Torx 25 inch lbs toque driver on the scope rings at the shop when mounting scopes). I use a coupler that connects two factory mags bottom to bottom, a pair of Butler Creek 25rd mags, and a pair of Eagle International 30rd mags.
I have reworked a Mosin Nagant into a custom sporter in the past and used ATI's camo monte carlo stock for the build and was satisfied with it.
And Im a fan of the TAPCO T6 for the 10-22, for the extra cash you cant beat it. Leapers came out with a .22 Quad Rail System a few years back, and after careful measuring I used a small square to scribe the marks and removed material from the fore end to fit the Quad Rail to the T6. It is an easy, uncomplicated modification, and I used my right angle die grinder to remove the bulk of the material, then files to get the stock smooth and appear it was made for the rails.
Here is a pic or 2 of my 10-22 in the Choate Drag. Stock with the accessories I have added to it. It shoots tight 10 shot groups at 75yds around the size of a penny. It has a Limbsaver barrel Deresonator on it, and I swear by these, they absorb any minute barrel vibrations as the bullet travels down and exits the muzzle. I have these on several of my other rifles, including my new Marlin XL7 chambered in 30-06, the 10-22 carbine, an SKS, and I have a couple bull barrel models on hand when the need arises.
I would go with the Choate stock. I have done alot of business with Choate on stocks, scope mounts, tools, and they have always stood by thier products and provide the best customer service.

Gunfan--actic 11-02-2010 12:04 PM

CA357: What method did you use to coat your barrel/receiver? Is it paint, or Duracoat? Looks nice!

nwrednk 11-02-2010 12:17 PM

Call me an "old school fart"...
But, I'm still happy with my 1975 Ruger 10/22 in original condition!:D

CA357 11-02-2010 07:12 PM


Originally Posted by Gunfan--actic (Post 378904)
CA357: What method did you use to coat your barrel/receiver? Is it paint, or Duracoat? Looks nice!

It's Krylon camouflage paint. It's standing up very well so far and I initially had my doubts.

rodent.22 11-07-2010 10:17 PM

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I have the ATI Dragonov stock. Superb quality, fit and finish. Price good. After 3 years I'd buy it again.:D

wb_carpenter 11-07-2010 11:51 PM

If you want a folder the Choate folder cannot be beat and much better quality than butler creek.

As far as dragonov stocks I liked the ATI.

Hesher420 11-09-2010 12:36 AM


Originally Posted by rodent.22 (Post 382314)
I have the ATI Dragonov stock. Superb quality, fit and finish. Price good. After 3 years I'd buy it again.:D

I see you have a scope on there now, but, have you shot it with that stock, using the steel sights? Is the height of the stock good for using the sights?

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