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therhino 02-14-2011 06:16 PM

10/ sights, techsights, or scope?
Hello all.
I'm finishing up the last few additions to my 10-22, and am now at sights. I have my trio of magazines, and just drilled the stock for sling swivels (as much as it pained me to drill into that pristine hardwood stock :(). My final addition will be the sights.
I simply can't abide the awful factory sights on this rifle. The "gold bead" front post disappears at certain light angles, and the white diamond on the rear leaf is distracting as all get out. Makes the aperature seem far too large when blur from the diamond bleeds into the sight picture.

I feel like I have three solid options: fire sights, a scope, or tech sights.

Tech sights are something I'm already familiar with sighting and firing, since they're the same as the sights on an M16A2 (or general approximations, anyways). I know how to make my windage and elevation adjustments there. They do seem like the most expensive option at about $75.

I've never used fire sights, but they seem interesting. Clear sight picture, in any light condition, correct? Do they also function in bright daylight, say, noontime sun? These also look to be the cheapest option, at around $30.

A scope is my third option, and there look to be a ton of price ranges. I'm aiming at a 3-9x32 scope, since I'm not likely to be shooting a 10-22 at anything over 100 yards with any regularity. At that range, is a 3-9 needed, or can I stick with a flat 4x? Is a $40-50 Simmons or Tasco scope going to hold up to handling and usage?

What do you folks prefer, and why?

JTJ 02-14-2011 07:41 PM

Why not look at 1.5-4x. I use the Konus 2.5x32 shotgun scope with a diamond reticle which is great on moving targets. It is also available in 1.5-4x. Most 22 scopes are parallax set at 50 yds. My shotgun scope is parallax set at 75 yds. Highpower rifle scopes are usually set at 100 yds. Scopes with adjustable objectives are also available. One of my 22's is wearing a BSA sweet 22 which is a 3-9x40 with adjustable objective and bullet drop compensator. SWFA has them for $50. Surprisingly the BDC actually works but it is a little heavy.

therhino 02-14-2011 08:31 PM

What is "SWFA"?

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