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jjfuller1 10-14-2011 08:40 PM

10/22 barrel question
so i was just trying to put my plans in order for a 10/22 build. i had my barrel picked out and my stock. but then i had a question. i really want a 28in. bull barrel. i was curious if anyone had any thoughts on if this barrel length would hamper fps and accuracy or increase it?

Txhillbilly 10-15-2011 01:39 AM

A 22lr doesn't need a barrel longer than 16-20" to fully burn all of the powder charge and have maximum velocity.
Any barrel longer than that,is just not needed.

Triumphman 10-15-2011 01:53 PM

I have a stock ruger10/22 from 1971 with a 18" barrel, a custom Ruger 10/22 with 19" Butler Creek bull barrel, a Savage with a 21" factory heavy barrel, and a Ruger 77/22 (22magnum) with 24" barrel and they are accurate for the TYPE and MAKE of ammo I use. No fancy Target, Wolf, Eley, or other---just what I can get at WalMart. I suppose any or all the above rifles could shoot better with higher priced target style of bullet, but I don't see the need or justification for my informal shooting on paper or hunting purposes. The most accurate rifle of all is ALL THE ABOVE, with probably the Savage just edging out the custom 10/22 because of the screw on barrel to make it more solid with receiver, but I also have it sighted in at 75yds instead of 50yds, while the 22magnum is sighted in at 100yds. You be fine with any Bull Barrel out there between 19" to 22". Anything over this will defeat the velocity and accuracy you're looking for. I'm sure if you had the money and time you could test out ammo using a longer barrel, but if you're only gonna use everyday type ammo--I see no reason for it. Now if this was for serious competition, then it would be worth it, but you also wouldn't be using a Ruger 10/22. Don't get me wrong, the 10/22 can be made to be very accurate, but it'll take lots of money and time to get it the way of a target Savage, or Anshutz. Only reason for my Ruger 22mag to have a longer barrel is because of optimizing for the "hotter" bullet of the magnum. I really can't say who makes the best barrels out there for what price you want, but I own Green Mountain and Butler Creek barrels on my rifles and I've found them to both be very good. I would suggest that if you want to shoot a LOT of ammo through the gun, that you stay away from those fancy/light weight carbon fiber wrapped barrels with steel inserts as they won't hold up to use and abuse---but they sure look pretty. For a stock on my custom Ruger I have an authentic Fajen stock(others make reproductions using Fajen's old molds that they bought when Fajen went out of business), but Richards Microfit or Boyds make some very good and colorful stocks for the 10/22 that I'm sure you'll be pleased with..

jjfuller1 10-15-2011 02:35 PM

thanks for the answers, however. it wasnt quite what i was going for. i will try to clarify. i found a green mountain barrel. its SS 28inch bull barrel.
in the responses you say that i dont need anything longer than 16 to 22in. long for max performance. now i understand that i dont NEED a longer barrel. but as long as it wont lower my performance, its what i want. if the performance maxs out at around 22 in. and maintains the same performance out to 28in. thats fine. if it would make a significant Decrease from 22in. to 28in. then i 'll go shorter. but the 28in. looks in my eyes, freakin cool. and i wanted to look different

CaptCraig 10-15-2011 09:30 PM

If you like it, get it. The barrel will add additional weight, which some prefer, as long as it doen't make the gun feel front heavy. The barrel is designed to put spin on the bullet and impart an accurate pathway for the bullet to take. At some point along the way the barrel, in theory, could produce more drag than benefit, but I doubt it otherwise they wouldn't make it. Buy it, shoot it, and enjoy it.

- Craig

Triumphman 10-16-2011 01:38 AM

OK, that makes it clearer. What you're gonna have to do is call Green Mountain and ask them "Point Blank"---If I get this 28" barrel, what kind and make of ammo is it made for. If they say it's made to accurately shoot any 22 caliber of bullet made, they're full of SH!T. Not all barrels, no matter the manufacturer or length will shoot(correctly) or (accurately) out of any given barrel. There's too many variables of bullet weights, grains of powder used, and the maker of the bullets have their own input as to how they want that bullet to shoot with years of research and testing. Remember, we can't reload a rimfire cartridge, so we as owners of a gun, can't do it for the accuracy that we need, we have to depend upon the manufacturer to make it as if we owners did a correct accurate reload----time after time. Also once a cartridge is fired, the bullet travels up the barrel at a certain performance, and if that barrel is of the correct length, the bullet will exit with the correct performance it is loaded for, and all bullet/barrel harmonics will be in balance. Now if that barrel is longer than that bullet's performance is calibrated for, all you'll wind up with is a slower bullet, because of drag of the barrels rifling AND the gases that are needed to make that bullet have to travel over a longer distance to exit the barrel. You'll get inaccuracy and possible bullet tumbling and decreased bullet distance because of this drag, or a bullet stuck in the barrel. Not all guns NOR barrels like high velocity ammo to be accurate. Some shoot and are deadly accurate with the cheapest bulk ammo there is, and you'll never know what a gun/barrel likes until you start testing and shooting what you have as ammo in your area----after barrel is broke in. Also, even if the barrel is extremely accurate with a certain ammo, it's also possible that the gun's action(semi or bolt) willnot or cannot feed properly due to the ammo's bullet design of either----all lead, copper clad FMJ or hollow point or length of bullet nose. Also bullet weight will make a difference in each Manufacturer's ammo make. Then you have to decide if you want a single shot hand load to be extremely accurate or to be just so-so with another brand of ammo, but gun feeds/ejects properly when you want it too when the magazine/clip is loaded up. However, if you want a 28" barrel for your custom build, go for it, as it's your money and you have a look that you want. All I can do is give you my opinion. Good Luck and don't forget to show us pictures after you're done.

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