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Sniper03 07-15-2013 02:18 AM

Wifes Birthday Present
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Built the wife her first AR-15 and gave it to her today for her Birthday. She also shot it this afternoon on the range. It is 100% Rock River Arms parts with Midwest Industries flip up rear sight and EOTech Model 512 Holographic Sight. We did not have to touch the iron sights at all and when we got the EOTech sighted in she put three rounds in the 4 inch target at 100 yards measuring a two inch group for he first time out! I think I have created an ammo monster! She advised we need to plan a day next week to spend the day on the Range! OH MY! :D Oh by the way it has here favorite color of Hardware to go with her favorite color of clothes. The picture does not do it justice but it is "PURPLE".


VoxRomantic 07-15-2013 02:27 AM

Awesome, many fun days ahead I surmise!!!!!:D

Sgt_Skrb_25 07-15-2013 02:40 AM

That's cool brother, looks good. I think I might do the same for my chick. She likes the purple muddy girl camo from Magpul. This way she will not complain when I keep buying ammo.

winds-of-change 07-15-2013 04:10 AM

Beautiful rifle. I am so incredibly jealous! Happy shooting to you both.

Quentin 07-15-2013 04:25 AM

Wonderful gift for her, Sniper! Glad she likes it! A couple years ago I gave my wife an AR based on a Valkryie lower (her name is Val). At first she was lukewarm but now loves it.

fsted2a 07-16-2013 03:14 PM

Looks good. Do you plan on doing any color on the receivers?

ZeusEcho 07-16-2013 04:17 PM

Nice b-day gift Sniper! She must be thrilled! I just started building one the wife also. Happy wife...happy life ;)

JW357 07-16-2013 04:27 PM

Very nice rifle and gift.

Sniper03 07-16-2013 06:57 PM

2 A

I have thought about putting some color on it. My Fedex man does the work so I would probably have him do it if I get it done. Of course I may keep it as is so that if the SHTF in the future I can put it back to original hardware. Purple is not a cool tactical color to be concealed in the woods!:D


QueenGlamis 07-16-2013 07:07 PM

Nice gift! :D I like it, I wanted to pink out our AR, but hubby said I will have to wait till I get my own. ;)

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