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Why the hell do you want a 30 shot magazine?

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Default 30 rounder

1- Because the quickest reload is the one you don't have to do...
2- Because there is at least ONE bully thug out there that has one (some w/ a badge on too...);
3- It's to deter tyranny as well as a common criminal element (see above)
4- It's still legal... at least for now!!
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Originally Posted by MachineHead

You mean semi auto belt fed rifle
That is semi auto? That is awesome, where did you buy it?

[COLOR="Blue"]See my pellet guns here:

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That is semi auto? That is awesome, where did you buy it?
And, we would also need a picture...
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Originally Posted by kbd512 View Post
Why does it matter why I want a 30 round magazine?

Does my 30 round magazine make my AR more or less lethal?

Am I more of a threat to public safety with a 30 round magazine than a 10 round magazine?

If we responsible firearms owners don't behave like criminals, then is there any good reason to treat us like criminals?

Is there some logical reason why 30 round magazines and machine guns were legal to own with few restrictions for decades and then not?

I'm pretty sure the world was no more or less violent then than now, but for some reason today's children seem to think that violence will solve all of life's problems, right before they end theirs. I'm still trying to grasp the logic of all that, but it seems to make sense to them.

Is there anyone here or anywhere else who can make a logically valid argument about how banning magazines over 10 rounds, specifically named weapons, or certain cosmetic features of weapons will make us all safer?

Mexico has what amounts to a ban on civilian firearms possession and I doubt anyone would make the argument about how safe a place Mexico is.

We need to ban cars, alcohol, and tobacco while we're at it. Combined, they certainly kill more people than guns every single year. If you die or are killed by something, are you "more dead" if you die one way versus another?

How many abortions are performed each year? Killing a child while the child is utterly helpless and entirely dependent upon its mother is A-OK in the liberal mindset, but once that child is born the child is magically the most important thing in the world. Where's the logic in that? I support the right to kill my own children, but don't you dare kill my children and don't you dare kill the pedophile who raped and murdered 12 kids. It takes a special type of mentally unbalanced person to think that way.

Having our children living in a total immersion environment (television, movies, and video games) that constantly glorifies violence is ok, but mythical sky wizard forbid you should show a woman's tits on TV.

Seriously, where do people come up with this crap?
That really was a great response, I think I know the anser to your question, I know where they come up with most of it-

1)- It starts when we dont introduce our children to firearms early enough to respect them instead of fear and loath them

2)- Then Schools and "Educational Television Content" introduce and reinforce stigmatization that cloud realities and puts the black hat on anyone with a gun that doesnt have a Badge.

3)- Video games, Music, Movies and other Media fail again to properly illuminate who's wearing the White Hat and who is the Bad guy, its their 1A right!!!!.

4)- Folks who have been taught their whole lives that 911 is the answer to anything troublesome look only to the Government to protect them from Evil once they realize lifes more than a movie script and they cant just press reset the game every time things suck.

5)- Government has removed all their possible "bad" choices "For Our Own Good" and promised 100% coverage if we completely submit to them that which was paid for with the blood of millions of freedom loving patriots from all the generations before us.

Yes its ludicrous to think that if they haven't attained Nirvana for us at this point; more laws, taxes and government controls will do anything but make things worse...
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Originally Posted by WebleyFosbery38 View Post
Hi cap Magazine Logic is silly! 200 years ago Hi-Cap was a side by side shotgun or a Pepperbox, today its 30 rounds? I disagree with the assumption that 30 or 60 rounds is hi-cap. Belt fed from a drum or ammo case might be considered Hi-Cap but wait- Puff fires a crate in 3 seconds so maybe thats truly Hi-cap! A single shot from an M-203 grenade launcher is worse than 30 rounds if your in the defense and thats only a single shot gun!

I wouldnt really want to be assaulted with Hy-Cap Gas-cans and a bic lighter, french frys arent any better than bullets when it comes to death and injuries from burns can be much more horrific and disfiguring. Using Hi-Cap logic, anything with a motor and wheels is Hi-Cap other than a push lawnmower. Even that could be used with horrible outcomes....

2o years from now when photon plasma guns become the rage, 60 round Mags will be a joke! I can here Washington now. "We need to limit the batteries and wattage on those new plasma Assault Weapons, who needs 5000 shots without reloading anyways?"...
Is that why they've banned 75 watt light bulbs???? Oh no O.O its begun.....
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Originally Posted by FullautoUSA

That is semi auto? That is awesome, where did you buy it?
I built it from a parts kit at
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Originally Posted by MachineHead

WOW!!! That just made my day also
Me 3 today's a good day
Only the dead will know the end of war - Plato
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