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bluez 06-29-2013 05:56 PM

Weird LWRC M6A2 malfunction today at the range
lLast time it was fault of Magazines (I saw the problem with my PACO better today.. it was the drain hole for dust/water on the follower, it is big enough it likes to catch the 2nd to last round at the rim and hold on to it as the rifle tries to load it)

So when something happend today i thought it might be the mags again as I was running thru my TAPCOs from that questionable batch I had, to see which ones to keep.

As I was shootng suddenly:

- on the next trigger pull, bang
- I look at the BCG it seems fully forward, no weird half feed like I had before with the problems described in a seperate thread.
- I remove magazine
- Pull back the charging handle
- Round flies out so a round <had> been properly chambered as far as i can ascertain
- Inspect the round,
- Round shows no impact of the firing pin on the primer, or if it does its so light I cannot see it in the poor light.
- At first I thought it was somehow my magazines fault again so I switched to PMag Gen3 and the problem happens again.
- Symptoms suggest the hammer didnt fall and since it was somehow not cocked back on previous cycle.
- Ejecting the spent round and re loading it into same magazine would lead to a successful fire.
- What would cause the hammer to fail to drop ?
- Problem occured a total of 5 times in 160 rounds

Background info.

-14.7 inch M6A2, today shooting only PMC X-tac in 55gr (I been dipping into my SHTF stash trying to avoid buying expensive ammo, ironically this nice ammo was cheaper when I bought it than the chepaest Tula is now so I shoot it)
- Rifle is aftermarket Cerakoted . the Ceracoating inside the upper feels just as rough as the outside of not rougher. Is the LWRC factory coating smoother on the inside different? could this slow down my BCG and keep it from going back fully and contribute to the problem?
- Rifle has not been cleaned in 500 rounds, this is unusal for me with my rifles but I figured I'd challenge the ceracoated piston a bit as many of my DI guns can go longer w/o.
- Removed and inspected firing pin and it appears normal

JonM 06-29-2013 10:12 PM

do you have a battery assist device installed such as

or anything of the sort??

they are called bad levers for a reason...

bluez 06-30-2013 01:04 AM

I dont have one of thiose but good point, I am not a fan of them either.

Incidentally I went back to the range just got back and was not able to re create the condition.

It happend when I was doing fast magazine change drills ( but not on the first or 2nd round!)

I will keep an eye on it , if it happens again i will get a gunsmith involved.. but hopefully it was a fluke

JonM 06-30-2013 03:19 AM

mark each mag with a number it could still be a mag issue

bluez 06-30-2013 03:32 AM

Good Idea.
All but one of the mags involved where a batch of TAPCO's I had gotten together and had a problem with the rim of the 2nd to last round catching on a drain hole of the follower resulting in a misfeed.

As that entire batch seems to have that problem I decided ot give them to a friend of mine who is on a budget but a good tinkerer and i have no doubt he will make them serviceable for himself :)

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