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jason7001 11-22-2013 01:32 PM

Umbrella Corps 300 blackout build
This is my third AR build.

UCWRG Limited edition lower
9.2" 300 blackout SBR
10" Spike tactical BAR rail
AAC SDN-6 Suppressor
ACOG until the EOTECH shows up

AgentTikki 11-22-2013 04:06 PM


more pics please!!!!!!!!

closeups of that supressor please!!!

i'm hating cali more and more and more.... T_T

jason7001 11-22-2013 06:20 PM

I will post some more pictures tomorrow. Road trip tonight. Going hunting.

There are a few others I have done at

jason7001 11-22-2013 06:29 PM

video of the rifle being fired for the first time.

jason7001 11-22-2013 07:13 PM

These pictures are from a few months ago.
(the suppressor looks a little canted because it is. Still waiting on my 7.62 can. I put my 5.56 can on just to see how it will look)

I already assembled the AR15 stripped lower a while back so I don't have pics but I can figure something out if someone would like to see the process.
The Lithium grease is applied to the upper receiver threads so the barrel nut will not cease after a few hundred rounds. This will allow you to remove the barrel nut and barrel if you want to later in the future.
Slide the barrel onto the AR upper receiver. There is a small notch in the top of the receiver and a small peg on the barrel so aligning the two is impossible to screw up. Slide the barrel nut over the barrel and hand tighten the Barrel nut onto the upper receiver.

Then use a AR15 Armorer’s Wrench like the one in the picture to tighten the barrel nut.

Next we will install the gas tube and gas block.

Insert the gas tube through the hole or slot in the barrel nut into the AR receiver from the front side of the weapon. It should slide without very much resistance. I used a little bit of motor oil on some of these parts to help with the install. If the gas tube doesn't slide in very easily then the hole in the barrel nut probably isn't perfectly aligned. Tighten or loosen the nut slightly and try again until it slides in.

Next slide on the gas block onto the barrel and then into the gas tube. There is a small pin that will have to be punched into the top side of the gas block locking the tube and block together. Make sure then hole in the barrel and the hole in the gas block line up as best you can. On this model of gas block to set screw in the bottom of the gas block are tightened to ensure the gas block doesn't move.

Next I installed my quad rail. Each quad rail / hand guard is different so refer to the instructions that came with what you bought.

And that’s basically it.

two other AR15s I built. Both are 5.56 guns.

TheSadPanda 11-22-2013 08:02 PM


Originally Posted by jason7001
This is my third AR build. UCWRG Limited edition lower UCWRG Grip 9.2" 300 blackout SBR 10" Spike tactical BAR rail AAC SDN-6 Suppressor ACOG until the EOTECH shows up

I'm building a 6.8 on the ucwrg lower right now. Looks awesome. Please, more pics of the rifle!

jason7001 11-27-2013 02:30 AM


Garadex 11-27-2013 03:47 AM

So was that issued to the Umbrella Corps security to keep the zombies in? :D

JonM 11-27-2013 04:44 AM

Why are you downgrading to an eotech?? Other than that very nice shootin stick

jason7001 11-27-2013 10:38 AM

I wont be using this setup for anything over 150 yards. I think I can find a rifle more suited for the acog in the future. The acog will probably stay on this gun for a while.

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