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jjfuller1 08-28-2012 09:13 PM

trigger question
i stumbled across this

so i was contemplating getting a couple to replace in my current stags.. so first off does anyone know stag average tirgger weight?
second do you think theses might help.

now, i can do okay with the current triggers i have i just thought this might be nice to change in them for a slightly better trigger.

Sniper03 08-28-2012 09:33 PM


These might be OK! I am aware of JP and they make some good triggers. If this weapon would be used for LE or similar critical applications I am not a fan of bent or reduced power springs. There can be issues! Weaker Disconnector Springs can cause Double Ups on a single trigger squeeze when they get weaker. Hammer Springs can cause light strikes if hard primers are experienced and also when they get weak with wear. I guess for target shooting and plinking they are fine. But the AR was designed with certain specifications and I guess I am just sceptical when it comes to gimmick items. *Only my opinion!
Someday down the road you might want to get a Rock River Arms 2 Stage National Match Trigger! They will drop right in the Stag Rifle with no problem. They have a 1Lb. Free Travel and a 3.5 Lb. Break for the shot! They are a great trigger and not all that expensive compared to the others out there! And are used by a lot of competitors at the Camp Perry Matches in many different brands of ARs. JP also makes a fantastic adjustable single stage trigger which I have one in my Sabre Defense 18" Comp/Varmit Rifle.
*Another thing to do that will smooth any trigger out more is KNS Anti Rotate Trigger and Hammer Pins!


purehavoc 08-28-2012 09:43 PM

luck of the draw on these really , a family member has not had a problem with his but mine caused light strikes" misfires" , decided to keep them and went to a lightened hammer to fix my problem

jjfuller1 08-28-2012 09:57 PM

ic ic.. suppose i'll stay where im at as im already used to where it breaks. it was a thought though

AgentTikki 08-29-2012 01:45 AM

It'll break in the same place, but with less effort.

buffalolake 08-29-2012 06:54 AM

I run them in my AR with a PSA trigger. I love the feel and have yet to have a light strike or double tap. That's using them with both my .223 Wylde and .50 Beowulf uppers. One thing to think about, they usually cost less than $12 and can be swapped out in under 10 minutes. So if you don't like them or have trouble, you haven't lost much.

erandyc 08-30-2012 04:21 PM

nothing wrong with a wilson combat ttu.

erandyc 08-30-2012 04:22 PM

little on the expensive side but nice.

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