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waxman895 05-23-2011 11:15 PM

so i wasnt going to get an AR..... but then they had this sale
sooooo my local sporting goods store was selling bushmaster .223 O.R.C (optics ready carbines) today for 769 and instead of just getting my .45 and 7.62x39 ammo i kinda took one home with me. At the very least i think its the cheapest i would have ever found one brand spanking new and bushmasater's website retails it for 1100....
I know its a very broad question to ask but any suggestions for accessories that either make it more fun or up the value? because i checked online and well its a little bit overwhelming with everything i can do with it.

goretro77 05-23-2011 11:34 PM

Please check the barrel and see if it says "5.56" on it somewhere and let us know if it does.

Also - ask yourself what your going to be doing with the rifle - going to the range and using the same for home defense? 3 gun competition?

Sniper03 05-23-2011 11:39 PM


You are in a heap of trouble now. An AR is like the infamous Mrs. Marcos and her shoes! Thousands of pairs!!!
Your AR has so many options and if you are not careful like a little pac-man on the billfold. But man what fun you can have doing it!
It just depends on what you are going to do with it. Also what kind of optics did it come with. You can put on a two piece quad rail that will hold lights, vertical grips, lasers. Oh where does it stop.
We here on the FTF will be more than glad to assist and help you spend your money!! LOL :D Seriously let us know what you are thinking about for it and we can give you our advise and in put on selection options, quality of products and etc.


canebrake 05-23-2011 11:45 PM

waxman895 05-24-2011 12:17 AM

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the barrel says BMP nato 5.56 1/9 but it came with no sights, because its built optics ready but heres the specs

•16” M4 Profile Barrel with A2 Bird Cage Suppressor
•Receiver Length Picatinny Optics Rail with Two 1/2” Optics Risers
•Milled Gas Block
•Heavy Oval M4 Type Handguards
•Six Position Telescoping Stock – reduces overall length by 4” when collapsed for convenient carry

quite honestly what i want to do with would be recreational shooting maybe some hunting, my home defense is already covered with my trusty .45 colt. The way I see it though is worse comes to worse i do some shooting with it and if i can not find the time to really enjoy it, then i can sell to a gun shop for 900 or 950, not that is my orginal reason for purchasing it and i do plan to hold to it.... if i can but unfortunaly college isnt cheap either.

First things first i suppose would be optics or sights, my friend has a MBUS mag pull first gen back up rear sight and iron front sights he is not using and said he sell fairly cheap to me, i dunno if its worth it though, long story short ill spend money on parts if itd add some sort of real value but if its just for me having some fun at the range then well i tend to be a bit more tight fisted with my cash..... stupid barack keeps taking it in taxes

Gojubrian 05-24-2011 12:20 AM

Nice looking AR.

REEEEAAALLLLYYYY LOoking forward to my build!!!!!!! :eek: :D :cool:

waxman895 05-24-2011 12:25 AM

but sniper, off the top of my head a fore grip would be nice or a bipod or both! i also would like to get a point sight for it. I like long distance shooting even though im still a beginner at it, but i figure if im going to do that id need a 20 in barrel and then after that i have to get a scope instead of a point sight and i figure thats excessivly expensive, at least for right now

Gojubrian 05-24-2011 12:29 AM

Get some iron sights for now and see what she'll do!!!

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