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Poink88 05-04-2010 10:08 PM

Ruger SR556 vs Daniel Defense DDM4V3
For those who are on the know, which is better or you would rather buy...the Ruger SR556 or Daniel Defense DDM4V3?


2hot2handle 05-04-2010 10:13 PM

I say Ruger because I want a piston AR just for Sh!ts and giggles. The Daniel Defense if I am not mistaken is a DI gun and if it is, I already have one of those. Please correct me if I am wrong.

junho806 05-04-2010 10:13 PM

I only chose the ruger because its got that piston system in there
i've heard good things and if i were to buy a piston gun i would buy the ruger since its dedicated to the piston system instead of buying a piston kit for my AR-15

Quentin 05-05-2010 12:17 AM

I had to vote Daniel Defense since they make a better AR than Ruger. Also a piston AR is the last thing I want.

russ 05-05-2010 01:16 AM

Daniel Defense puts together a real nice rifle (and it is a DI gun). So the only reason to go with the Ruger is if you're interested in the piston setup.

JonM 05-05-2010 02:46 AM

two totally different guns. i do have a ruger sr556. its a nice rifle but very heavy for a collapsable stock AR especially after adding optics. weight and the inability to use a 22lr conversion kinda suck. other than that the ruger is super easy to clean and fun to shoot.

chrishammond 06-30-2010 03:56 PM

Ruger SR556 vs. Daniel Defense DDM4V3
I've been agonizing for months over which to buy, but finanlly settled on the DDM4V3. I'm not confident about the piston system simply because there is NO standard as yet defined by the market. As such...if I'm in the middle of IRAQ and need parts for my piston driven AR/M4...I'm S.O.L.

The Daniel Defense (which I bought 2 days ago) is completely compatible with everything...and is a snatch and grab system that has all the lower compression advantages seen in mid-length gas systems...and is also universally the same as the rest of the world as far as the AR/M4 platform.

I spent some time over the phone getting to know the Daniel Defense guys and they were rock solid in knowledge and weren't boastful or fact they were quite the opposite...humble and friendly. Not your typical gun-snob (since I know relatively little about being an armorer).

Having spent 8 years in the Marine Corps as a Sergeant, I only used the M16A2 because it was the dominant rifle at the time I was in through 2002. The M4 Carbine was just becoming "mainstream" in the military at that time because of MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain) and the quick draw aspect of the Carbine for house to house and close quarters fighting on the streets.

All in all, I've spent the last 6 months researching and getting to know both guns pretty well. I DO like the look and feel and heaviness of the Ruger...but for battle purposes it is a bit clunky and I do worry about the compatibility issues of piston driven systems vs. gas-tube systems.

Good luck with your decision and I hope that my opinions offer some council to anyone who is considering piston systems vs. gas-tube. One other thing...I felt about Daniel Defense (and seemed to be echoed in every gun shop I've gone to) is that they are considered to be a top-shelf rifle..the fit and finish is immaculate and the 1:7 twist is actual mil-spec and provides additional accuracy that the 1:9 twist guns do not. Likewise, Daniel Defense ships with a STANDARD FULL AUTO bolt carrier group which will eliminate any fears of "bolt crack" that may come with the semi-auto bolts like the Ruger has. :eek:

Anyway...that my 2 cents for what it's worth. Sgt Chris Hammond

moshpit 06-30-2010 05:57 PM

Daniel Defense. Love thier stuffs.

dunerunner 11-13-2010 05:22 AM

Looking real hard at the Ruger SR556. The two-stage piston operation is a unique idea opposed to the gas operated AR's. But it is priced up around $1500!!:eek:

I know it's an old thread but thought it was better to revive this than start a new one.

Nice vid, though!

JonM 11-13-2010 03:24 PM

i would be a LOT happier with the SR556 if i could get rid of that heavy ass rail foregrip. that quad rail is really the only issue i have with mine cant clean under it and it ups the weight a lot.

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