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RMP1394-RLTW 04-21-2011 07:41 PM

Rpg ar15
hey all, my dad is looking at the RPG AR15 for a basic low use plinker/what if gun. have any of you all heard of this manufacturer before? I know it does not have a crome lined barrel but I wasnt sure if his low volume of shooting would really matter with that?

the budget is the big thing on this, he really doest want to spend the money on something he is just not going to get to shoot that often, to be honest, I dont blame him. we could have the "if SHTF happens he wont be saying that" conversation but at the end of the day that is not going to be the deciding factor in this thing so dont waste your breath!

thanks so much for your respons in advance! sorry if I didnt attach that link properly, its about 1/4 of the way down on the page.

Classic Arms Inc.


dnthmn2004 04-21-2011 08:45 PM

I've never heard of RPG, but that doesn't mean they are bad. You get what you pay for. And just note that you'll need to get a rear sight for that rifle.

For $100 more, he can get a S&W M&P (with a rear sight). There are many other rifles from reputable companies for $700ish which I would consider more reliable - not for SHTF, but less headaches at the range.

*This is just my opinion - you asked for it :p*

Shihan 04-22-2011 01:11 AM

If it is the RPG (Rocky Point Guns), I am thinking of, I know the owner he is my go to guy. It is a quality lower, your lower doesn't need to have to have a big name to be quality. Johnny is a good guy and will stand behind his product.

I have something planned for an RPG lower, more on that later.

RMP1394-RLTW 04-22-2011 02:30 AM

Thanks for the replies guys! keep them comming, I dont want to have him buy garbage but keeping in mind that it is not going to get a ton of use so i dont see the need for him spend a ton of cash on something that is going to get minimal use. he did tell me to keep in mind that it was eventually going to be mine so maybe a I should tell him to add a few hundred to his budget!

thanks again!

Shihan 04-22-2011 02:43 AM


Originally Posted by RMP1394-RLTW (Post 491202)
I dont want to have him buy garbage...

thanks again!

Garbage it is not, If you go with the RPG, you will be getting a good quality rifle at a really good price. That is a sale price. He sells them at his shop for right around 750 and up depending on the set up.

They are on par with Del-Ton, which is another local manufacturer. As a side note one is 42 miles from me and the other 14 miles.

One reason people would not have heard of them yet is that he just got the approval to manufacture them less than a year ago.

I don't think you will have any problems if your father decides to buy the RPG rifle. Good Luck, keep us posted.

llaht 04-22-2011 03:21 AM

3 Attachment(s)
been lurking a while, but do have info on this item.

I purchased one of these at the GSO show a few months ago....
it was on special for 550 with 2 magazines and sling.

You are correct, you will need a rear iron sight as a minimum.

Overall fit/finish and appearance is good.. no real issues.
I did see some examples on table missing the front sling swivel and some had stainless steel triggers and some had black triggers.

It is an Rguns lower and a tapco 6 position stock... commercial tube.
The upper has the broken A forge mark, I can find no marking on barrel or BCG.

Bolt carrier is not a FA but the firing pin is shrouded. The key has received a better staking job as it had a straight chisel type staking... actually it 'will' receive a better staking job but has yet to move.

I have about 500 rounds so far.


The buffer retainer seems out of location, the retainer was marking the front of the buffer.

The bolt catch was not reliable with holding open bolt after last round... it appeared to be too far towards the rear of the receiver, not catching the magazine follower, sometimes slipping past it to the rear. This would occur even hand cycling empty magazines i had here, older 30 round with black followers and 20 round colt with metal followers.

I did bring all issues up with Chuck and of course he offered to make me happy. I did not want to go through the paperwork of exchanging the serialized lower...and he is about 3 hours travel from me.

What I did... I modified the buffer by turning a .830 x .080 wide step on the face of the buffer. This allowed it to rest on the rear of the BCG and not the retainer. I had seen where someone else modified a buffer for the same situation.

The bolt catch.. First I changed out followers in GI magazines with updated anti-tilt followers... Some of my 20round Colt magazines seemed to be more reliable with this situation... some improvements but still not reliable. I happened to see a a posting on AR15 with a very similar situation. I followed that procedure and installed a modified 9mm bolt catch in addition to replacing all followers with anti-tilt designs. It seems now 100% reliable on bolt hold open.

another 'issue' i have not quite figured out is when the bolt catch is engaged to the bolt, holding it back, the charging handle seems to bind somewhere. I have tried a second handle and found where it was rubbing, and have seen some improvements, but still perplexing... it only seems to bind with the bolt catch engaged.

I did this to not go through the paperwork and logistics of replacing the lower... My choice... as I mentioned, Chuck would do what i wanted to make things right.

At about the 400 round count... I experienced a ruptured primer situation. the rifle double fed and when i went to clear it found the still chambered round with the hole where the primer used to be.
I took it down and checked some things, and tried again... 'poof'... a second one ... same type of malfunction.

I then disassembled the bolt and removed some 'crap' from it and tried again.... this time it was a bit more violent... blew out the bottom of a camengenta 30 round magazine, spilling the rounds to the ground and took 30 minutes to find the magazine spring.

the ejector spring was now a trapezoid instead of a cylindrical spring... there were bits of primer material throughout the bolt cavities.

I then took it to have headspace checked... it was fine... but...
what had occurred was the firing pin hole either had been too large to begin with, or the bolt had failed in that area causing the firing pin hole to enlarge to about 1/8 inch. This allowed the primer to extrude into the hole around the firing pin, piercing it. I policed the spent rounds where i could and found extruded primers, but of course non pierced.

The bolt was sent to Chuck, and the bolt was replaced with a new one free of charge. He offered at that time to replace the rifle completely.

I did also purchase a completely different bolt elsewhere as a backup and a test piece.

After this, I have only about 100 flawless rounds thru the rifle so far, and all looks good.

I did upgrade the extractor spring in this new bolt and am trying a heavier buffer...

ejection is about 3 o'clock where it was throwing forward before (the extractor spring seemed to make more difference than the buffer)

Chuck will stand behind the rifle... as proven with my situation, and I am appreciative.

this is a range toy or plinker and not a life or death tool for me... I am going to run it, wring it out, etc

we'll see how it does... it was stated as having lifetime warranty... and I have bought other things from him over the past 20 years.

Shihan 04-22-2011 03:34 AM

I may be talking about a completely different RPG.

I don't know about this Rguns.

So, if my info is wrong, sorry.

If you are looking for a nice budget plinker, you may want to take a look at some of our site vendors.

mjkeat 04-22-2011 01:24 PM

llaht's post is a little scary. It however is just 1 testimonial. Take it for what its worth. I however would look into a Del-Ton kit. They're more established.

llaht 04-22-2011 01:43 PM

RPG offers two examples

Look in the Classic site they are both there

I do not know what the lower is on the one marketing to LE, but in the less expensive rifle, it it stated it is an RGuns lower.

I have attempted to obtain other's feedback as I understood there were quite a few of these sold.

This was my experience, factual and to the point. Heck, I still like the gun !!!

I did consider Delton at the same show... and am still considering them for a mid-length build on a Barnes Lower.

But even they are not without issues... there are some threads NOW about a complete bolt failure...

and a Doublestar failure....
but it is yet to be determined the true cause of these failures.

mjkeat 04-23-2011 02:46 PM

This is why Spikes is the lowest Ill go on the totem pole. $100-$200 will get you out of the basement and into a high quality rifle. I have never seen spending the extra money not worth the piece of mind or joy of owning a quality rifle. W/ the way of life the majority of us live its easy to save the added cash to step up into a higher quality rifle. Its as simple as eating at home or packing a lunch for a month. Hell, I know my wife and I spend way to much eating outside the home. Theres no reason to skimp (in that fashion) on a firearm.

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