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suzychapstick 12-16-2012 08:55 PM

reccomendation: uppers - 1 target , 1 med
I'm looking for reccomedation on two uppers. I bought a couple bare receivers. A couple MP 15 and a Noveske M4. I thought I'd take my time, educate myself on these, and assemble the things myself out of curiosity. Well I feel the clock is ticking and the source is drying out. So I need to buy some complete uppers, and parts for the lowers.
I want one for long range accuracy, It can be heavy. I want another one for mid range and somewhat weight concious. I'm asking for you people to reccomend something for me. I'm willing to spend a good sum of money, but don't want to pay for a mercedes when a cadillac or a upscale chevy does me just fine.
I'm not opposed to still assembling one myself, as long as all the parts are available in stock. I'm hoping to get these things in next couple days.
I have alot of .223 in 55 and 68 grn. and a lil 5.56 68grn. Correct me if I'm wrong. It's my belief that a wylde chamber is a lil tight for 5.56 on the relabilty end of multiple quick firing. I think I'm OK w/ that though. A 7 twist is for heavier slugs and a 9 twist is for lighter slugs. I know that Rock River makes Wylde chamber, but don't know who else does. I see they have a varmint model at different barrel lengths, but unsure how many inches before you hit the point where the extra length really isn't neccessary for accuracy.
I ask you AR enthusiasts for your help on this. Please try to reccomend me something(s).

suzychapstick 12-16-2012 09:00 PM

I forgot to mention, I'll probally put a scope on the long range one, and would like to keep the sights as low on both guns as possible, I'm used to resting my cheek on the stock. I like the feel of the round forearm grip over the traditional oval ones. thanks, any thoughts or responses would be appreciated.

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