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Overkill0084 08-10-2012 10:42 PM

Range report/review-Rock River Arms Tactical Operator 2
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Finally got my new carbine to the range with the optic. I had previously shot about 40 rds through it just to sight it in w/ the iron sights and verify function. Function was fine w/ PMC 55 gr ammo.
Today I wanted to sight in my new Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot sight.
I had previously got it close with one of those cool little cartridge shaped lasers. The red dot is a 4 MOA, I think I’d prefer if they were perhaps a 2 MOA. A clearly defined dot is probably the order of the day with a $800 + ACOG or the like, but for $169 this does the job even if the dot appears a bit smeared. It sighted in just fine and performed without drama. Worth noting; when I switched from green to red, the point of impact shifted about an inch to the right at 25 yards. For across the yard or living room, it’s insignificant, but noteworthy nonetheless. Find the color you like, and stick with it. For precision work, a proper scope is the better choice. For plinking and a less precise needs it does fine. It does come with a 2x magnifier that works ok. If you need more magnification, you might wish to grab a proper 3-9x scope.

As for the gun, it’s a Rock River Arms Tactical Operator 2. A bit too cliché? Oh heck yes. However it’s a pretty good weapon for around a grand. The trigger is a two stage that breaks quite cleanly at what I guess to be around 4 lbs. Worth noting, in July 12, the maker started kicking them out the door without the chromed BCG. Due to supply issues, they say. While still functional, I would have preferred they left well enough alone, if for no other reason; cleaning. It’s been a while but I seem to recall that cleaning the M-16, the hard chrome was easier to clean. YMMV. Overall the gun has a solid feel and seems put together well. I do however question the need for 3 front sling points, seems a bit silly looking. Seems like one that can be positioned as reqd would have been more useful. Anyway, I got it sighted in with PMC Bronze 55gr ammo. I was getting about 1“ groups at 25yds. Not stunning, but factoring in the size of the red dot, it seemed ok. Now it was time to try my first ever reloads for a rifle cartridge. I built some loads with 55gr Remington FMJs using AA2460 powder (24, 24.5 & 25 gr.) My first set with the 24 gr charge was noticeably better than the PMC. The 24.5 was a bit better yet and the 25 gr was 4 connected and one off to one side. I was actually quite pleased w/ myself. My first reloads were a significant improvement over factory ammo that seemed to shoot ok. Everything to this point has been 100% reliable, including the several different brands of magazines and my reloads.
So overall, Rock River Arms put out a nice carbine for the money (though without the Chrome BCG these days.) Solid and accurate with a nice trigger. I would probably think about a different naming scheme.

fetep 08-10-2012 10:47 PM

Very nice! Congrats and good shooting! I have been consider some reloading myself, did you just start or have you been doing it for some time?

Overkill0084 08-10-2012 10:51 PM

I've been reloading handguns for about 2 years now. These were my first ever rifle caliber reloads. I had to get back in the books. :)

dog2000tj 08-11-2012 12:35 AM

Well done and congrats on your SUR :)

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